Innovative Course to Provide Kabbalah-based Tools for Emotional Happiness

Innovative Course to Provide Kabbalah-based Tools for Emotional Happiness

Harford County to Join Global Soul Maps Course 
in Partnership with Harford Community College.


Critically-Acclaimed Series Brings Wisdom of the Kabbalah to the General Public


Let’s face it: People are complicated. We have a warm, sensitive side and a wild, primitive side. We can act caring and nurturing one moment, and self-centered and aggressive the next. Making sense of our thoughts and emotions is not easy, and people often feel conflicted and overwhelmed.


“People struggle every day to understand themselves and find inner peace,” says Rabbi Schusterman of Harford Chabad. “They’ve been through every book in the self-help aisle and they visit their therapist or confide in friends to sort through their feelings.” Concludes Rabbi Schusterman, “What people really need is a guide to help them navigate their own complexity, and the Kabbalah has provided these tools for centuries.”


This January, the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) in partnership with Harford Chabad and the Harford Community College is proud to launch Soul Maps, an ancient yet innovative approach to human psychology. Soul Maps is structured as a six-step program, utilizing tools from the Kabbalah to help participants understand themselves and find inner contentment. The course is based on Tanya, an eighteenth-century book that made the previously esoteric teachings of Kabbalah practical, relevant, and accessible.


Importantly, Soul Maps is designed for people at all levels of Jewish knowledge, and participants don’t have to have any prior experience or background in Jewish learning to attend and enjoy this course. Additionally, all JLI courses are open to the entire community and people do not need to be a member of any particular religious organization or any Temple or Synagogue in order to attend.


This exciting new course will be offered at Harford Community College for six Thursdays starting January 30th 2014.  “The course costs $75, says Rabbi Schusterman. But we are so sure that people will enjoy it, that we invite them to attend the first lesson free, with no obligation. However, registration is still required.”


Soul Maps is no quick-fix. Participants won’t learn how to become a perfect person in ten easy lessons,” explains Rabbi Schusterman. “We won’t wave a magic wand and make people’s troubles disappear.” “However,” concludes Rabbi Schusterman, “Students will walk away with concrete tools they can utilize every day to resolve guilt, conflict, and confusion, and find their inner nucleus of joy, purpose, and direction.”


Over 15,000 have been part of The JLI’s Soul Maps course since its creation in 2008. Members of the media are invited to attend a local class and/or interview local course facilitators in advance. Interviews with national facilitators and course creators can also be arranged, upon request. To arrange an interview, to visit an upcoming class, or for further information, please contact  Rabbi Schusterman, Rabbi@HarfordChabad.org or call 443-353-9718.

Please visit  www.HarfordChabad.org/SoulMaps to register and for  up-to-date information about Soul Maps.



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