Are Baltimore Drivers Rude? Survey Says Yes

Charm City dropped 20 spots in a recent survey measuring driver behavior.

Baltimore drivers are the likeliest of those in any major American city to make an obscene gesture. (Credit: Hoboken Patch)
Baltimore drivers are the likeliest of those in any major American city to make an obscene gesture. (Credit: Hoboken Patch)
Has someone made obscene gestures at you on the road?

Baltimore area drivers are more likely to make obscene gestures from behind the wheel than their counterparts in other major U.S. cities, according to a survey by AutoVantage.

Do Baltimore drivers have road rage? Tell us in the comments!

AutoVantage, a company that provides roadside assistance, conducted a survey measuring behavior, observation and attitudes related to "road rage" in America's 25 major cities as a service for its clients.

In a dramatic turn, Baltimore went from being the third most courteous city in 2013 to third least courteous in 2014, dropping 20 spots, according to AutoVantage.

Least Courteous Cities in 2014
Washington, D.C.

Most Courteous Cities in 2014
St. Louis
San Francisco

In addition to being more likely to make obscene gestures, Baltimore drivers were noted for multitasking while driving. They tied with their counterparts in Orlando in the likelihood that they were doing something else—like putting on makeup or reading—while driving, according to the survey.

This year's survey was based on responses from drivers age 21 and up who make the rush hour commute at least three days per week, according to AutoVantage, which conducted the survey between late March and early April.
Mark May 14, 2014 at 09:26 AM
Basic Maryland drivers follow these rules: 1. Under no circumstances should you leave a safe distance between you and the car in front of you, or the space will be filled in by somebody else putting you in an even more dangerous situation. 2. Turn signals will give away your next move. 3. Crossing two or more lanes in a single lane-change is considered going with the flow. 4. Speed limits are arbitrary figures, given only as suggestions. 5. Parallel parking must be accomplished in under 1.5 seconds, even if you are parking a full size truck in a space the size of a Prius. 6. Chance encounters with idiots are usually best ended a “you’re Number 1” sign. Very similar to getting the last word in. AND ALWAYS FOLLOW RULE #7: 7. Never get in the way of an older car that needs extensive bodywork. Great job Maryland!! Lol
Kenn Bing May 14, 2014 at 10:22 AM
It is to bad that Baltimore city gets the wrap, as most of the cars are from the suburbs, not the city. A lack of courtesy is the single most problem and solution to a never ending traffic anxiety that most of Marylands highways experience. I have witnessed in Annapolis by our child's school, where traffic is a two lane mess with a T intersection, as drivers extended courtesy time and time again, by allowing a car to turn, so it will not continue to block the traffic behind it. Truly, an example that is practiced on a daily basis. It is extremely easy to provide a courtesy. If you are on the freeway in the fast lane and see a vehicle behind you, wanting to go ahead of you, then safely let them by. Using turn signals is also a great way to discover just how many people will let you change lanes. The change is not the bad or impolite drivers being put away, but the instead the drivers who show courtesy as this will reduce anxiety on the road as wellas for the indictable driver. Try it for a while see for your self.
Steven Spiegel May 14, 2014 at 12:17 PM
The main problem I see in our State is ignorance of keeping the flow of traffic going . For one pass and get the hell out of the fast lane . People tend to get in the fast lane and drive side by side not allowing anyone to pass causing a bottle neck effect causing traffic to back up which in turn causes people like myself to get pissed and then once traffic backs up its open season on other road rage incidents. We need to have State Sponsored commercials that tell people what a right lane is for . Also with all of the computers we have is there no way to sink the traffic signals were you don't get one red light after another . I have noticed some lights in the city stay red and stop traffic on one side when there is not a car for miles on the other road and when one does finally get to the light that light turns red stopping that car . Do the people at the city traffic light division have a deal with the oil companies to make sure we waste as much fuel starting and stopping as possible. Also what is the deal with people slamming brakes at Green Lights great for Mechanic bad for your car and people behind you . Its time to get the hell out of the fast lane on I 95 at 55 MPH Pass and get the heck over people . I don't believe there are that many people who don't know this or maybe people are just plain rude and don't care about being courteous
Kenn Bing May 14, 2014 at 01:48 PM
Indictable =individual
Mark May 14, 2014 at 02:59 PM
It's funny how Pittsburgh made the list for most courteous drivers and how baltimore made the list for the least courteous drivers .. Pittsburgh has the better drivers and the better football team.


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