Blast Back to 1776 at Hays House

Visitors to Hays House celebrate the Fourth of July with traditional music, readings and games.

Visitors to the historic Hays House in Bel Air on Monday morning might think they had stepped back in time a few centuries. 

A quartet entertained a few listeners with old-time music, while the house volunteers called visitors over to their exhibitions to learn about the Declaration of Independence.

Gary Johnson, a volunteer dressed in colonial clothing, led a discussion about principles of freedom. 

"What are you grateful for that you don't need to ask the king or queen for permission?" Johnson said.

"Freedom of religion!" one audience member said. 

"Huzzah!" Johnson exclaimed. 

Patrick McGrady, a volunteer and organizer of the activities at the Hays House, said the main goal was to educate children about America's founding principles. 

"We decided we wanted to get the word out on what makes Independence Day," McGrady said. 


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