Harford County Roads that Could Flood

When the rain is heavy, avoid these roads.

Don't plan on doing much driving from late Saturday into midday Sunday. Projections of heavy rain to go with strong winds and an already-saturated ground could make for treacherous travel.

H. Hudson Myers III, deputy director of the Harford County Division of Highways and Water Resources, said flooding could be the least of the problems.

"The biggest concern with this event's going to be trees across the roads," Myers said. "We're going to get more roads closed because of that than because of the flooding, I think."

Downed power lines could also close the roads, Myers said.

Barring an evacuation order, avoid traveling this weekend. If you do have to drive somewhere, though, these roads are prone to flooding. And remember, trees could come down on any road at any time.

Are there more roads that should be added? Tell us in the comments.



Route 40 between Havre de Grace and Aberdeen

Route 22 at Paradise Road

Route 22 at Robinhood Road


Constant Friendship Boulevard at Tollgate Road

Hookers Mill Rd between Pouska Road and Bynum Run

Bel Air

Moores Mill Road and Business Route 1

Moores Mill Road just west of Major's Choice Drive

Tollgate Road north of Plumtree Road


Flintville Road

Castleton Road

Paddrick Road


Carrs Mill Road

Watervale Road

Forest Hill

Route 24 through Rocks State Park

Grafton Shop between Osborne Parkway and Boggs Road


Route 24 through Rocks State Park


Joppa Farm Road between Route 7 and Route 40

Havre de Grace

Route 40 between Havre de Grace and Aberdeen


Route 136 about a half-mile east of Route 24


Millgreen Road at Prospect Road

Sandy Hook Road between Route 1 and Gibson Road

Walters Mill Road at Route 543



1. Joppa Farm Road between Shore and Doncaster - volume / tides 

2. Bush Road 

3. Bush Chapel Road 337 - volume / debris 

4. Park Beach Drive at the southern end (two locations) with high tides

5. Park Beach Drive (1900 block, 2100 block and 2600 block) - volume / tides 

6. James Run Road in the bottom (3200 block)  - volume  

7. Edgewood Road at the CSX overpass

8. Joppa Farm Road - between Route 7 and Route 40 at the CSX overpass

9. Trimble Road at Copenhaver Park

10. Old Robin Hood Road at the swim club

11. Hooker Mill Road at 711 - volume / debris

12. Winters Run Road (2700 block)

13. End of Club House at Bush River

14. Route 7 - several locations, at Bush Road, between Route 543 & Route 136 and at Winter Run Road

15. Forest Green Road - at the headwaters of the pond - volume /debris 

16. Club House Road at the spillway - volume 

2nd District: 

1. Southampton Road

2. Patterson Mill Road

3. Shucks Road

4. Edwards Lane

5. Carrs Mill Road

6. Moores Mill Road   

7. Bottom Road  

8. Jarrettsville Road  

9. James Ave.  

10. Vale Road and Red Pump Road. 

11. Asbury Road

3rd District: 

1. Allibone Road

2. Cooley Mill Road

3. Craigs Corner Road 

4. East Nobles Mill Road

5. Harmony Church Road

6. Hoopes Road

7. Kerr Road

8. Old Pylesville Road

9. Sandy Hook Road

10. Stafford Road

11. Wilkinson Road

12. Arena Road  

13. Burkins Road  

14. Cherry Hill Road  

15. Cool Branch Road

16. Cooper Road  

17. Deep Run Road 

18. Deth's Ford North  

19. Gibson Road  

20. Glen Cove Road 

21. Glenville Road

22. Kalmia Road 

23. Delp Road 

24. Little Road 

25. Macton Road 

26. Millers Road 

27. Prospect Road 

28. Robinson Mill Road 

29. Rocks Station Road

30. Susquehanna Hall Road 

31. Taylor Road 

32. Thomas Bridge Road

33. Walters Mill Road 

34. U.S. 1 at Deer Creek

35. Nobles Mill Road

36. Old Robin Road

37. Love Road 

38. Mill Green Road 

39. Lapidum Road 

4th District: 

1. Telegraph Road

2. Red Bridge Road

3. Knopp Road 

4. Greene Road 

5. Green Road 

6. St. Clair Bridge Road 

7. Maryland Route 24 - Rocks State Park 

8. Coen Road 

9. Linkous Road 

10. McFaden Road

Jill Bracewell August 26, 2011 at 08:57 PM
Common sense dictates that we all need to stay INSIDE during this weather event. While it may look like fun out there, if you willingly place yourself in harm's way because you want to be cool, don't blame our 1st Responders if you have to wait for help because they are busy with real emergencies. Stay inside, watch a movie, play games or talk to your kids, and watch the "fun" on tv. Let's all be smart about this one!
Alberta Brier August 27, 2011 at 12:56 AM
Stay home....safe and dry!
Rich Gardiner August 27, 2011 at 12:51 PM
Jill hit the nail on the head. Great points! Please don't drive during and after the storm unless it is absolutely necessary. I would like to add that any road is susceptible to flooding and it doesn't take much to fool the driver. If you can't see the road in front of you its safe to say don't drive any further. We will have true emergencies to deal and adding in a response to get someone out of or off their car when they decided to drive into a flooded road only takes away emergency personnel and resources from those who may need it.


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