'No Kill' Group Envisions Survival of All Adoptable Animals

For the past month, Wysocki, a former marine with a background in sales and working with animals, has been researching and forming a plan to make Harford County a place where no adoptable animal or feral cat is killed.

Harford County resident Adam Wysocki was inspired by his son to .

Wysocki said he and his son were watching a movie about a group of kids who try to rescue animals from a local shelter to prevent them from being put down.

The movie got his son thinking.

The boy asked Wysocki if has a no kill shelter and Wysocki told him no.

"He said 'Dad, you’re a really smart guy can’t you do something about that,'" Wysocki said.

For the past month, Wysocki, a former marine with a background in sales and working with animals, has been researching and forming a plan.

Wednesday was the first meeting of his organization No Kill Harford. About 22 people engaged in the discussion at the Bel Air branch of the .

The absense of a no kill shelter in Harford County has in the past. Some have attacked the Harford County Humane Society, although both the humane society and organizations such as H.O.P.E (Humane Options to Prevent "Euthanasia") agree they do not want to put animals down.

explained his organization is taking a non-adversarial approach to making Harford County a place where, "no adoptable pet or feral cat is killed regardless or resources, economics or politics."

"Saving lives of animals is a good thing," Wysocki said.

He explained he is not in the business of pointing fingers and wants to take on what he can to make killing adoptable animals unnecessary.

“Nobody is saying if it’s not a 'no kill' shelter you’re a terrible person, that’s a ridiculous argument,” Wysocki said.

Instead, he's interested in slowly changing the things he can, and a major part of that is building community support and growing the number of volunteer pet fosters.

“It’s a fact, adoptable pets are killed in shelters across the country all the time,” Wysocki said, later adding, "I think this county is a very generous, very caring, very animal loving county."

Instead of reinventing the wheel, Wysocki into existing organizations and fill in any gaps to ensure "inexpensive spay/neuter services, and trapping, treating and releasing feral cat colonies."

"What my hope is, I think that this problem can be solved by building that foundation in the community," Wysocki said.

HarfordLassie February 03, 2012 at 03:32 PM
Well said Karl. Not only does the shelter continue to have these people who have no clue what is happening there bashing them they hide behind fake names or community groups with no named officers. It makes it easier to call in other like minded people from other cities to join in conversations and petitions to make it appear there are more of then locally than there really are. We had "no-kill" and hundreds of domestic animals suffered before they were put down in a single day and now we have a case study of the agenda of the "no-kill nation" unfolding in Alleghany and it's not a nice cooperative effort that is best for the animals. We don't need "no-kill"as defined by Nathan and his zealots. The shelter is doing a better job and accomplishing more without it.
Karl Schuub February 03, 2012 at 04:00 PM
Seems to me if you really want to help the animals you contact the shelter and ask them what would be constructive and how you might help rather than contact the shelter and tell them what they "have" to do to make you happy. This ought to be about the welfare of the animals; not the political agenda of a few.
HarfordLassie February 03, 2012 at 04:59 PM
nadda April 25, 2012 at 02:13 AM
This the same Adam Wysocki who breeds and peddles reptiles? Might know it would be one of the "No Kill" breeders - i.e. dog, cat, reptiles, etc. Wake up people - this "No Kill" agenda is being uncovered as supported by breeders and other animal use industries. It is NOT animal rights/welfare groups behind this thing. An Adam Wysocki runs "8 Ball Pythons" - Google his name along with "reptile breeder".
nadda April 25, 2012 at 02:19 AM
This "NK" agenda is a front group - yep, they may save a few animals for their image and rep - but their end game is to force the taxpayer funded animal controls and govt. funded humane societies to turn the operations over to them - a (so called) non profit group aka a "NK" bunch of attys, consultants, breeders, etc - people with absolutely NO shelter/welfare experience - it's happening all across the nation.


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