Seen Around Town: A Snooze Off Set

Here's a weekly photograph from around the Bel Air Patch area.

Sitting in on the dress rehearsal for last week was an "I love my job" evening for me.

I had the opportunity to watch a well done performance, dash unhindered around the auditorium for a better photo angle and absorb the hustle and bustle of excited students and staff before the rehearsal began.

There were also a few candid moments I had the chance to see while there, including a very tired extra napping before the show.

Ethan Taylor, age 8, was worn out after a long day, but faithfully made his appearance on stage when the time came Thursday night.

In the picture you see Ethan's mother Susan Taylor, better known by her students as Ms. Taylor, giving her sleeping child a kiss during a break in conversation with colleagues Regina Jones and .

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