You Know You're From Bel Air When...

Help finish the headline.

Many of us were raised in Bel Air and either never left or left and then came back.

When out of town ever have those moments that make you think wow, this makes sense back home. Tell us about them!

How do people, or you for that matter, know that you're from Bel Air? Share your answers in the comment section below!

Let's see who has the most entertaining, original or obvious answer. OK, go!

Brandi Roberts March 22, 2013 at 08:55 PM
Peppi's Meat Market, Toy Town, Pete's Cycle on Thomas Street; Orange Bowl, Woolworth's, Korvette's (where Sears is), Turks, Hoschild Kohn, and Western Fries in the Mall, Frank's Pizza, The Hub, The Red Fox, The Strawberry Basket (with Penny Candy) on Main Street. I went to the old Bel Air Elementary (now demolished) which was the old old high school and had Mr. Dilinger & Mr. Hardy for Principal & VP. Back then I was a walker from our small brick rancher on Reed Street. I can't imagine having my kids walk over a mile through town these days.
Oji May 04, 2013 at 10:33 PM
We moved to Tollgate Road in 1948. Washed the car of the owner of Twin Kiss. He made great cold cut sub sandwiches. I went to the then new Central Consolidated School. My Principal was Dr. Percy V. Williams. Bel Air had one Sheriff and one deputy. My mother, Mrs. Louvinia Batson, called the Sheriff to come to our house on Tollgate Road to shoot a snake that was in a tree. We lived next to the Bel Air Race Track. I had a great childhood in Bel Air, Maryland.
Barbara Griest June 14, 2013 at 03:30 AM
does anyone remember a skating rink in Bel Air - not the one out on Route 1 but one located behind Harford Mall?
Debi Fleckenstein June 19, 2013 at 05:39 PM
Barbara - I sure do! We used to go skating there every Friday night. I remember the mall very well and the plaza across the street where cars used to hang out on Fridays near the McDonald's. I grew up in Fallston but you had to drive to Bel Air to shop. So many memories...I drove thru in 2009 and couldn't believe all the changes.
Inthechateau October 14, 2013 at 10:38 AM
You know you are from Belair when: 1. You watched them tear down the boarding house at Tolgate and RT1 and build a Hess Gas station, then worked there on the midnight shift and watched Town, county sherriff and State police cars race to the bottle neck headed out of town. 2. You watched them tear out what was left of the Horse race track and build a mall in its place. And you watched them build the Mall annex behind it. 3. Shopped at Korvetts for the best deals on hunting supplies and got real good deals on long guns and ammo. 4. Got the best Pizza and sandwiches at pappy's. 5. It was safe to ride a bicycle on RT one from Belair all the way to Fallston and back. 6. You attended the Channel 4 CB radio breakfast at the McDonnalds every Saturday morning, and everyone was glad to see you walk in.


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