'Spa on the Boulevard' Coming to Box Hill

The upscale spa is set to open next to Wegmans in the spring of 2012.

If at Wegmans with your spouse stresses you out, maybe a short walk to a couples spa treatment can be your release.

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The Spa on the is the latest business to sign on for what is shaping up to becoming Harford County’s most popular shopping center: the Boulevard at Box Hill.

Abingdon resident Amanda Nazelrod, who serves as the general manager at the Spa in the (Hunt) Valley sister location, will take the same position at the new business. It is already under construction and set to open next to Wegmans on the east end of the plaza in the spring of 2012.

“The main focus for Box Hill will be on couples and detoxification,” Nazelrod told Patch. “So this will be our first salon and spa that will have two couples rooms and will have the ability to do a massage in the room and two separate Jacuzzi tubs the clients can use after their service, so that way they can enjoy each other’s company.”

The business is part of the Salon by Debbie line, which runs a third location in White MarshSpa on the Avenue.

The Abingdon-based location will be about 10,000 square feet and also offer hair care, skin care, massages, body treatments and nail care, Nazelrod said.

“We will also be having a ritual that will be complimentary before any spa service and it’s based on detoxification,” she said. “It starts with a series of warm and cold Vichy showers. It’s rain-like jets and massage-like jets [to remove] any toxins throughout the body.”

The spa will feature a garden room where clients will be served delivery lunch from a to-be-determined , Nazelrod said. She added that the décor will have a “French country” theme. There also will be stone and “medieval iron work.”

The Harford County resident said she is excited to be running a spa that will be a short drive down Maryland Route 924 from her home.

“We decided that Box Hill would be a great location for it,” Nazelrod said. “It’s right close to where I live, so it will be nice to have the community visit us. … The people in Abingdon and in Harford County are so down to earth and I can’t wait to have them as clientele.”

T. October 28, 2011 at 07:30 PM
I am all about growth within a community but, as a small salon and spa owner in this economy its a hard pill to swallow. Debbies spas/salons are huge and too big for our small salons to survive. The economy has definitely hurt this industry and, now, for The Spa on the Boulevard to come will possibly wipe out the small spas. We are definitely not looking forward to this business coming to Harford County.
EM November 05, 2011 at 01:31 PM
I don't agree with the comment that was made previously. First, if you were in fact for growth within a community, then the post that followed would never have been written. Secondly, there is room for everyone. What I would like to propose is, as a business owner, do you not trust in the loyalty of your clientele, and do you trust that your own unique offerings as a business make you your own standout in such a market. I am thankful to see that she is creating jobs for people in an economy that is suffering.
Denise Adkins December 12, 2012 at 04:29 PM
I can't wait for this spa to open. The couples rooms are a big plus which a lot of the small salons don't have. Spa in the Valley is upscale and expensive, but you won't leave there dissapointed. If you have the money for her salon you will go there maybe just one time for the experience. If you frequent a salon now and you are satisfied then continue to go to your favorite salon. From what I have read,Debbie started out as a small business. She must be doing something right.
Stylist2190 January 05, 2013 at 08:50 PM
I completely agree with you. The comment made by the small salon owner, who is very much entitled to their opinion, was clearly stated out of fear and envy. I am in the industry and I do not understand why salon owners in the industry cannot support one another and share ideas on how to service the community as a whole. Although I am aware of the competition from the business perspective, I feel as though we should all be able to work together as professionals to support the beauty industry, especially in our local community!


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