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Aref's Oriental Rugs Closing After 38 Years

The store's retail portion will come to an end early next year, but the store's manager said the business will offer cleaning and repair services in another location.

After nearly 40 years in business, will close its doors.

“We have served Bel Air and Harford County all that time,” Ali Rejaee, the store’s manager, said. 

Rejaee said has wanted to purchase the property where Aref’s is located for a while.

“Finally they made an offer that Aref couldn’t refuse,” Rejaee said.

He added that the owner, now in his 70s, is also glad to take the time to spend with his family.

Aref Talanehzar opened the business in 1973 and has lived and worked in the Bel Air area since.

Located at 1329 A Baltimore Pike near the Maryland State Police Barrack, the store was originally one room, but when business grew, Talanehzar extended the building, according to Rejaee.

“We’ve been selling genuine handmade oriental knotted rugs,” Rejaee said. 

He explained the store does not offer any machine-made rugs, and prices range from $40 for small doormat-sized pieces to $40,000 for some antique items.

Once the original shop closes, Talanehzar plans to open a smaller one nearby that will specialize in cleaning and repairs—by hand only.

“Customers for generations have been bringing rugs here to clean,” Rejaee said. “In this area, no, we are the only ones [doing what we do]."

The business employs four people, two who specialize in cleaning and repairs and two who work in sales. The sales staff will not be needed at the new location.

The existing business will remain open at least into January. Rejaee said the exact closing date will depend on Jones Junction's timeframe for taking the building.

Tom Brandis December 02, 2011 at 04:02 PM
Thank you for serving the community over the past 40 years. I hate seeing small, local businesses such as this close up shop after being around for so long. I still to this day miss Hirsch's Men's Store on main street.
john q public December 04, 2011 at 09:47 PM
Woodridge Manor the Fallston community that adjoins the property that Jones will be taking over announced today they will be slowly dieing as a result from the harmful inconsiderate actions that surely will be taken by Jones after Aref's Oriental Rugs vacates this location. Like a cancer that spreads, the residents of this community will be grossly harm as the residents on Terry Way have been whose properties adjoined the Jones Subaru Dealership. Be afraid,be very afraid my neighbors. What you have described as "horrible", "obscene", "OMG", "How could this have happened?" is headed right at you. As you know the Jones Subaru redevelopment of the old Hinder Motors included destroying a well established buffer zone and then erecting a "Stadium" in our back yards with the "blessing" of our Harford County Zoning. Laws were broken, zoning rules ignored. No DAC planning here. Our basic rights as land owners of private property protected by the Constitution violated. Your county executive office and elected officials will not help/protect you. There will be nothing you can do. You have been handed a death sentenced. The ruination of this community is imminent. Jones will be the death of this community. It will not be a slow death. It will be a quick and painful death. In lieu of flowers please send your vote to any person running against our current elective officials in their next election. Dealerships
Dale Thomas December 10, 2011 at 02:27 AM
John Q. Public, please explain to me how and where your Constitutional rights have been violated. Actually it is you who want to deny Jones their Constitutional right to control their property. Where in the constitution is the provision for DAC and zoning laws? If you wanted to have control of the subject property you could have made the same offer to Arefs Rugs as well as Jones. To think you should have control over others land that they bought and paid for is the exact thing you cry foul about< denying of property rights. Its sad how constitutionally illiterate we have become.


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