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AT&T Announces New Cell Site in Fallston

A new mobile broadband cell site was activated in Fallston.

A new cell site was activated in this week, and an AT&T spokeswoman said customers should see an improvement in service as a result.

The company's mobile broadband cell site is designed to improve service for both businesses and residents along Fallston Road near Pleasantville Road, according to a release from AT&T.

"The addition of a new cell site is akin to adding an additional 'lane on a highway' – more people can use 3G at the same time, with less interruptions in service," Margarita Noriega wrote in an email on behalf of AT&T.

Have you noticed any improvement in your cell service in Fallston? Where do you have the most difficulty accessing cell phone services in the county? Share in the comments.

Joan Ryder February 10, 2012 at 11:27 AM
I live on Watervale Road and still do not have cell service there. No difference! If I did have service, I could get rid of my land line.
steven bradley February 10, 2012 at 02:53 PM
I have Verizon and didn't have usable service at my house on Boggs Rd. Verizon has a piece of equipment that ties to a high speed internet service that runs cell service through high speed internet. It is a one time purchase and installs pretty easily. You get a notification tone on the phone that it is running through the internet when it connects but is otherwise no different. The only downside is if you leave the area you lose the internet connection. Meaning if I get to far from the house it drops the call and I have to reconnect through normal cell service. Not a big deal. You get it from the verizon store on Bel Air South Parkway. I had tried a signal extender I ordered online before and it didn't work.


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