Cockeysville Woman to Challenge Congressman Andy Harris

Candidate Wendy Rosen said her top priority is creating sustainable jobs, particularly for small businesses.

A Cockeysville businesswoman has begun her campaign against incumbent Republican for the Maryland 1st District congressional seat.

Democrat Wendy Rosen, 57, said she plans to focus on creating sustainable jobs, especially for small businesses, which employ the majority of Americans.

This would take priority over "extremely conservative social issues," such as gay marriage and abortion, Rosen said.

"Our financial system is eroding the middle class," she said. "We need good paying middle class jobs. is the only way to go."

She said enforcing existing laws, rather than creating new ones is also key to economic recovery.

"I believe there are some big changes that require no budget," Rosen said. "We could create hundreds of thousands of jobs immediately. If we enforce laws we already have, such as trade, we wouldn't lose billions of dollars to other countries."

Rosen, who filed her candidacy on Nov. 22, said she made the decision to run because she "was frustrated with the Tea Party's decision to de-structure the government, rather than restructuring."

She said she used to sympathize with the Republican ideology, but switched to the Democratic Party in recent years.

"I remember the Republican Party when they didn't have extreme elements," she said.

Another priority for Rosen is universal health care.

"It's a fundamental right," she said. "Employers need to provide health care in an affordable way. [Harris's] mission is to destroy health care, not fix it."

Currently, Rosen runs The Rosen Group, founded in 1981, which assists business owners in growing their brands. She also publishes NICHE and AmericanStyle magazines and is the founder of American Made Alliance, an advocacy group for small businesses.

"Before now, I always thought that it was best working outside the system to create change," she said. "But as you dig deeper, you realize that change can't come from outside. It has to come from within Congress."

Jaclyn Gregory January 22, 2012 at 07:23 AM
Wendy, is this your first form letter to your future consituents? You seem to have posted it randomly to several different people, several different times: I think it's sad when people put a label on someone before they've even read anything about them or explored their views. There were no questions to be asking about my position on any subject... assumptions but no outright questions. They've proven my point, that the reason I'm running is the inflexible nature of the extreme right and left. Only the middle can save us, only the extremes can prevent it.
Mark Patro January 22, 2012 at 12:35 PM
Jaclyn, it is intellectually dishonest to say that people and organizations that want to protect us from the negative environmental impact of some approaches to energy independence is solely intended to impede energy independence. When oil leakage or fracking cause a great number of health problems these approaches should be considered in a balance of benefits to our energy independence and our health. To illustrate this attempt at a balanced approach to say it is a way to “discourage energy independence by lobbying against America utilizing its own natural resources.”…is a one-sided, money-making only perspective. What good would it be to have all the energy in the world if we have to live in a deteriorated environment? Both environmental safety AND energy independence are important to our future.
1ke January 22, 2012 at 07:46 PM
Wendy, are you a medical doctor? I mean, if you are not, what in the world makes you think you are qualified for a political office? Can you actually run an out-of-pocket campaign?
Dale Thomas January 30, 2012 at 12:02 PM
I hope they keep on attacking Tea Party it shows how they "don't get it" and makes even more apathetic voters get off the sidelines and speak out about our intrusive government local, state, and federal. Only when people demand an end to this mess will it change. not this "hope" and "believe"tripe from the likes of Obama and O'malley.
John Doe January 30, 2012 at 01:38 PM
The Tea Party "woke up" when we were already 5+ trillion dollars in debt - and, curiously enough, started to be vocal after Bush left.


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