Everything Goes Consignments Closing By End Of September

The business owner cites tough economic times and low foot traffic for the store's closing.

A Main Street business is set to close this month—little more than a year after it opened.

Everything Goes Consignments & More opened its doors in July 2011. Just two months after its one-year anniversary, the business is slated to close its doors for good.

"It just didn't get the support we'd expected," store owner Lisa Bedell said.

Bedell co-owns the shop, located at 107 S. Main Street in Bel Air between and , with Tianna VanSpriell.

Bedell said the tough economic climate made the difficult decision to close a necessary one.

Bedell said: "If the money's not there, what are you going to do?"

She added the location may also have contributed to slow business.

"This end [of Main Street] just doesn't get the foot traffic," Bedell said.

These issues coupled with rising rent costs made it clear that it was time to close the consigment shop. The lease for Everything Goes ends Sept. 30, but if all inventory is sold before then, the closing date will fall earlier in the month.

Bedell said she feels the store's closing is not just a personal loss, but a loss for the community as well. The store regularly supported local artists and donated to a nonprofit organization each month, she explained.

"We were always giving back to the community," she said.

As for Bedell and VanSpriell, this is likely not the last the community will see of them.

"We're both going on to other adventures," Bedell said.

For her that means opening a cleaning company, while VanSpriell plans to further pursue the estate sale business.

Tianna VanSpriell September 06, 2012 at 05:57 PM
I want to thank the Bel Air Downtown Alliance, as well as Bearly-Used Consignments, for their continued support this year. We had a wonderful 12-plus months of business. We were blessed with loads of repeat business, especially those who live and work around town. For a first-year store we did a great business! I encourage anyone looking for a spot for a new store to consider Bel Air. I know I will be openeing another store front, in conjunction with East Coast Estate Sale Services, at some point in or around Main St. Kindest regards and much success to all ~ Tianna VanSpriell
Sgt. Joe Friday September 07, 2012 at 12:16 PM
I own Stratosphere Studio across the street, and I want to bid a farewell to Tianna and Lisa who became very close friends as a result of being my "south end" neighbors. Us southies just don't get the love down here like those uptown shops. Good thing I don't rely on foot traffic. It's bittersweet to see them close up. I'll miss running over for a chat and a laugh, but I know Tianna and Lisa's other businesses will do well. Tianna already has a head start in the Estate sales business. I guess the only silver lining for me is at least now I wont have to lug anymore heavy bedroom sets up those narrow steps! Tianna and Lisa, you will be missed, just know that.
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