LETTER: Walmart Relocation 'Ill-Conceived'

A Bel Air resident expresses his opinion of Walmart's proposed move from Abingdon to a lot along Route 924 in Bel Air.

Controversy surrounding a proposed Bel Air Walmart began in 2011 when potential plans for a Route 924 and Plumtree Road location first came to the public's attention.

Some members of the community have voiced their disapproval of Walmart's proposed move from Abingdon to the Bel Air location both verbally and in writing.

Community member Brian Stover submitted a letter to the editor regarding the issue this week.

A protest against the Walmart move is scheduled to take place at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 2 in the parking lot of the Abingdon Walmart, located at 409 Constant Friendship Boulevard.

The following is a letter from Bel Air resident Brian Stover:

I am writing to express my opposition to the proposed Walmart relocation project. This project is ill-conceived for any number of reasons.

As a longtime resident of the Joppatowne community, I can tell you first hand how it was when we lost our SuperFresh and Kmart. Moving the Walmart further away from Joppatowne and Edgewood would be a shame. These communities are arguably the target demographic for a Walmart. Why would they move further away.

I now reside in Bel Air south and have so for the past six years. Both routes 24 and 924 are already overburdened on an average day. During the Christmas Holidays, these roads can become downright impassable. The County administration should hire an outside consultant to study the roads and determine if they are overburdened or would be by a new Walmart.

Additionally, it is my understanding the County Council allowed this property to be rezoned a few years ago. I would like to know if they will rezone it back to its previous zoning and if not, why?

The community has overwhelming come out in opposition of this development.  Walmart should act as a good corporate citizen and neighbor and redevelop their current location as opposed to move.

Brian Stover Bel Air, Maryland


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