Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu - Close Combat (Abingdon,Bel air, MD)

What is Wing chun ?

Wing Chun is a truly amazing and beautiful kung fu style. It is one of the most practical martial art systems you can study. Wing Chun is a perfect art for the uncertainties of actual self-defense and combat. The system relies on biomechanics, not brute force. Wing Chun is a scientific yet theoretically based martial arts form. The specialty of a Wing Chun practitioner is Close-Range Combat. Practitioners utilize well-coordinated angular deflections with simultaneous attacks. A Wing Chun practitioner is agile yet powerful, delivering quick, close-range punches and kicks rather than locks and grabs. Wing Chun is based on the concepts and principles of simplicity, economy of movement, and economy of energy. Offering private lessons even your house or in GYM. I will teach in a traditional matter focusing on discipline, respect, self-control, balance, structure and stance,Relaxation, Center line,Punches, Kicks, Uncommitted techniques, Trapping skills and sensitivity, Close range,Curriculum,Empty hand, Wooden dummy,Weapons,Chi sao.

More Info:
2906 Emmorton Rd., Abingdon, MD 21009· 
Phone : 443-686-2128
Website : http://www.sifuismailagcicek.com
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Traditional-Wing-Chun-Kung-Fu-Bel-airAbingdon-MD-Close-Combat/217260795003779
For more information please call and leave a message/text at 443-686-2128 or send an email , I will respond within 24 hours


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