Bel Air Independence Day Event Winners

Check out the names of those who took home the prizes.

The following are results from the July 4, 2012 daytime events events in Bel Air provided by the Bel Air Independence Day Committee.

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Hamster Races 22 total participants 1st
1st Lou Lou, owned by Anna Williams of Whiteford 2nd Sam, owned by Izzy Wheeler of Perry Hall 3rd Mr. Nibbles, owned by Brandon Ghio of Bel Air


Turtle Derby  Box Turtles—76 total participants 1st Turtley, entered by Tyler Lewinski of Bel Air 2nd Crawlie, entered by Madison and Chase Thompson of Aberdeen 3rd Bubble Bee, entered by Paris Maye of Bel Air Turtle Derby
Other Turtles—57 total participants 1st Octavius, entered by  Curtis Himmler of Fallston 2nd Wolverine, entered by  Stephan and Elizabeth Cullinan of Bel Air 3rd Junior, entered by  Shawn Flemming of Bel Air


Frog Jumping 210 total participants 1st Louie Mama, entered by Hayden and Ella Celio of Bel Air – 144 inches 2nd Leapster, entered by Sage Thorpe of Darlington – 123 inches 3rd Jumpy, entered by Kyle Shanton and Sam Lynch of Jarrettsville – 115 inches


Horseshoe Pitching Women's Singles 1st Vickie Smith of Darlington
Bre Smith of Darlington Woment's Doubles 1st Velma Schleicher of Bel Air and Desiree Hare of Belcamp 2nd Vicki Smith and Bre Smith of Darlington Men's Singles 1st Jeff Cooper of Delta, PA 2nd Mark Farrington of Bel Air Men's Doubles 1st Dennis White and Dan Molino of Perry Hall 2nd Tim Siford of Fallston and Mike Lewis of Kingsville


Bicycle Rodeo Best Decorated   Girls Jayda Gullion of Bel Air Boys Norman Jones of Delta, PA Ages 5 and under (Training Wheels)
1st Berky Barso of Bel Air 2nd Jacob Risling of Bel Air 3rd Garrett Kimmel of Baltimore Ages 5 and under 1st Zach Tamanini of Forest Hill 2nd Trent Wrzosek of Bel Air 3rd Kaitlyn Calland of Street Ages 6-8 1st Danny Rodier of Bel Air 2nd Jimmy Calland of Street 3rd Norman Jones of Delta, PA Ages 9-10 1st Brett Buckman of Bel Air 2nd Aiden Bennett of Bel Air 3rd Michael Garland of Bel Air Ages 11-13 1st Chase Donelson of Bel Air 2nd Jake Borrows of Bel Air 3rd Aubrey Hoover of Bel Air


Uncle Sam Says Ages 7 and under 1st Morgan Hennigan of Bel Air 2nd Maggie Donahue of Bel Air 3rd Seth Panowitz of Bel Air Ages 8-10 1st Chase Vogue of Bel Air 2nd Jessica Sparr of Bel Air Ages 11-13 1st Jessica Douglas of Whiteford 2nd Connor Lorenz of Bel Air 3rd Morgan Reinhardt of Whiteford Ages 14 and up 1st Kayla Williams of Whiteford 2nd Sharon Pindell of Bel Air 3rd Stacey Sheetz of Bel Air


Watermelon Eating Contest Ages 6 and under 1st Morgan Hannigan of Bel Air 2nd Grace Buckleman 3rd Will Barto of Fallston Ages 7-10 1st Katie Airey of Forest Hill 2nd Emma Sheridan of Bel Air 3rd Kyle Roeder of Whiteford Ages 11-16 1st Luke Dippel of Fallston 2nd Sabrina Mills of Forest Hill 3rd Megan Burton of Bel Air Ages 17 and up 1st Aynsley Grove of Bel Air 2nd Matt Fodel of Bel Air 3rd Mike Borns of Forest Hill
Kirsten Dize July 09, 2012 at 04:06 PM
george stiles, thanks for sharing this photo! -KD


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