Orioles Harford County Picks; 24 Accident; Sully's Plane

Three Harford County residents were also taken in the MLB draft this week.

In a heavy news week for the Bel Air area, a severe traffic accident Friday closed Maryland Route 24 for an extended period of time, while the local governments made many changes to an assortment of issues. The man who was rescued from a fire in his apartment has been charged with setting that fire, while a part of history traveled through Harford County.

1. Route 24 Reopened After 2 Flown to Shock Trauma

A five-vehicle accident closed Route 24 near West MacPhail Road on Friday, in Medevac helicopters. A third person that was injured was transported to and three others injured in the crash declined medical attention.

2. Baltimore Orioles Draft John Carroll's Hockaday

baseball player "K.J." was of the Major League Baseball draft on Tuesday. Hockaday, who played shortstop for the Patriots, is projected to play third base or outfield in the future, and has signed with the University of Maryland. The next day, fellow Patriot Brendan Butler, who is slated to play for Towson University next year, was . Fallston graduate Mike Thomas was selected by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 35th round out of Rider University on Wednesday.

3. Commissioners Increase Police, Civilian Pension Plans

The Town of Bel Air Board of Commissioners  designed to keep retirees from withdrawing all of their money in one lump sum. The resolutions also increase current employees' pension funds. Chairman David Carey voted against both resolutions, saying it didn't seem responsible due to the economic climate.

4. Bel Air Man Arrested for Crocker Drive Arson

Michael J. Delambo is , first degree malicious burning and reckless endangerment after his home caught fire on June 1. He by firefighters.

5. Sully's Miracle Plane Passes Through Harford County

The plane that pilot Chesley "Sully" B. Sullenberger III landed in the "Miracle on the Hudson" , much to the pleasure of many area residents that came out to see the fuselage go by on U.S. Interstate-95. The plane was on its way to the Carolinas Aviation Museum in Charlotte, NC.

Other Top Stories

Eleven Harford County businesses during the first week in June. Each business will have to attend a hearing in front of the liquor board.

A 21-year-old Abingdon man was  with the May 30 burglary of Medicap pharmacy.

A gas leak on Tuesday as BGE tried to repair the leak.

The Harford County Council is letting the Board of Education transfer $680,000 to , stemming from rising fuel costs that are hampering student transportation.

John Carroll , and she will take over day-to-day operations on July 1.

About 50 members of the Cedarday community the proposed extension of Cedarday Drive to intersect with Cedar Lane.

The Town of Bel Air has announced that in the coming weeks.

Hereford guidance counselor Kevin Ensor for the Harford County Public Schools system.

The town's have been released.


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