Patch Picks: Festive New Year's Drinks

Which drink do you fancy for toasting the new year?


Hosting your own New Year's party and won't be able to make it to

Make sure you're prepared. Champagne is a classic drink for toasting the new year, but there's no reason you can't mix it up a bit when you celebrate Saturday night.

Patch found some festive drinking options from All Recipes that could be as much fun to make as they are to drink with friends and family. Click the names of the drink to find out the ingredients.

Champagne Punch: Great for large parties—mix it in a large bowl and make sure there's enough cups. It's fruity but not too sweet.

Dan Fay Martini: Can't decide between gin or vodka? Try a mix in this celebratory concoction. Stay classy with the proper glassware for this one.

Party Mimosa: You can party into the morning and have this one with your breakfast. Try adding apricot-mango nectar or pineapple juice for a more exotic taste.

Homemade Creme Liqueur: Don't forget about dessert. This sweet drink can be made with either coffee or almond liqueur.

For more drink recipes, check out this timeline from Esquire for a guide on pacing yourself to ensure a fun, safe night.

And when it's all over, here's a few tips from The Huffington Post on curing hangover symptoms.

What's your pleasure for toasting the New Year? Tell us in the comments.


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