Any Time Pools and Spa's

Buyer beware. This small time company is very dishonest. I contacted them to work on my Hot Tub. I paid 129$ which was to include an assessment of my tub's problems and an estimate for repair. They came to my home -looked at my tub and they never got back to me. I made many calls to them and was told they were attempting to get me a good price. After 1 month I told them I was tired of waiting-I asked for a refund and stated I was going elsewhere. They refused my refund. I contacted the BBB. They replied to the BBB about my complaint with many lies. They wrote that they had gotten back to me in 48 hours, and also said they had done all kinds of checks on my Hot Tub. I actually have phone records showing they never called me back and I have their work ticket showing all they did was write down model and serial numbers off my unit. I am amazed that they would just come right out and blatantly lie. It really shows their character-or lack of it. Their dishonesty is downright pathetic. I plan to take this company to civil court. They are not good people.
Bob Ward February 13, 2014 at 11:07 PM
I have had issues with those people as well. I think they have serious money problems, because I've heard about other issues with them. Def file a lawsuit, if for nothing else to embarrass them. Good luck


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