LETTER: Teachers, School Board Negotiations Ongoing

Randy Cerveny, President of Harford County Education Association, calls for good faith negotiations

The Public School Labor Relations Board ruled that was negotiating in bad faith with the , or HCEA, according to a letter to the editor from the HCEA president.

Randy Cerveny, president of HCEA, submitted a letter to the editor Wednesday urging parents and community members to reach out to the Harford County Board of Education to encourage good faith negotiations.

Below is the unedited letter he sent to Patch.

To the editor:

Harford County’s students and teachers deserve better than this.

The teachers of Harford County have been in negotiations with Harford County Public Schools (HCPS) since November 2010 for their contract, which began in July 2011.

On April 2, 2012, the Public School Labor Relations Board found that HCPS had been negotiating in bad faith with the Harford County Education Association, which represents the county’s teachers. The Labor Board ordered the two parties to continue to negotiate in good faith. The Labor Board found that HCPS failed to honor parts of the previously negotiated contract agreement with the teachers and failed to follow the agreed upon advertised salary schedule.

Instead of honoring the decision of the Labor Board, Harford County Public Schools filed an appeal of the Labor Board’s decision to the circuit court. To date, Harford County Public Schools has spent in excess of $300,000 on attorney fees instead of meeting its commitments to bargain in good faith and follow accepted labor practices.

HCPS should return to the negotiating table and enter into good faith negotiations with its employees. To do otherwise would continue to heighten mistrust, lower teacher morale, and shift the focus away from where it should be—our students. HCEA wants to create a collaborative relationship with HCPS to improve and enhance the learning environment for our students in Harford County.

Parents and community members should contact your HCPS Board of Education member and tell them to keep their promise to the teachers of Harford County. Our children deserve a school system focused on student success rather than avoiding responsibility.


Randy Cerveny

President of Harford County Education Association (HCEA)

Hulkster April 17, 2012 at 06:20 PM
Seems that most of us are in agrrement that we would pay alot of money to good quailified teachers. OK, so I guess the next issue is how do we get rid of the poor teachers. How to you say what is a bad teacher, I don't think you could go on test scores alone. Again, I can see the problem but I have no idea how o fix it. Maybe that is what everyone runs into, How to stop the runaway train? I am pretty sure 80% of the problem with the education system as a whole, not what we are talking about here, is the PARENTS!!!! Saying my child is not doing well is because the teachers are bad. My child doesn't misbehave in class, the teacher just has it out for them. Thats the easy way out. Maybe if the parent would take some responsibility and help teach their children things would improve. Who knows, I sure know that I DON"T know how to fix it. But I Do know that it sure is broke.
Karl Schuub April 17, 2012 at 07:45 PM
Hulkster: And there's the rub...unions don't want any systems in place for an easy route to ridding waste from the system. Why would they - it's all union dues. The idea that parents share a great deal of the blame fits in with the overall slide in standards and civility - you'll get an AMEN from me on that. It's the liberalism of all of society...anything goes, and me first. Parents used to teach respect; not sure if parents even attempt to teach morals any longer. Still doesn't mean there aren't horrid teacher's out there banking sick days and just waiting to retire while the kids suffer.
1ke April 18, 2012 at 12:29 PM
Karl Schuub: This is a most appropriate, most insightful, most literate, most profound. You, again, demonstrate your value to this online community.
CB9678 April 18, 2012 at 03:00 PM
To further look at this case a teacher with 12 years experience in this county and a masters degree can leave and precure a job in Cecil county next year and get an 8,000 bump in salary or Baltimore COunty and get a 7,500 bump. We are no longer competitive with the area.
Heather April 19, 2012 at 02:25 PM
John W... here's a thought, since you're so convinced that teaching is a cushy job, get your teaching certificate. That is of course assuming you already have your BS or BA. Just remember that once you do that you not only have to teach 10 months a year but you are also REQUIRED to work on your Masters Degree and pay out of pocket for it up front and only be partially reimbursed. Also, be prepared to spend at least 2-3 hours a day at home grading papers and preparing lessons on top of the eight hours you spent at the school, because those phantom 3 free periods a day DO NOT exist! By the way there is no HUGE line waiting to get this "cushy" job. In fact there are shortages in many areas, especially in Special Education, math and the sciences..... oh, and for the sake of complete disclosure. I am not a teacher. I am a parent.


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