10th-Graders Charged after Fight at C. Milton Wright

Two teens were charged Thursday after a fight at C. Milton Wright High School in Bel Air.

Two students face charges in connection with a fight at the school Thursday, and police say an increased police presence at the school that day was a coincidence.

Two 10th-grade students were involved in a fight in the school's hallway Thursday, according to Lt. Carl Brooks, spokesman for the .

Brooks described the incident as minor and said both students were charged with second-degree assault.

"Appropriate disciplinary action has been taken against the students involved," Teri Kranefeld, manager of communication for the , wrote in an email to Patch Friday.

Rumors have been flying in the community about the events at the school Thursday. Patch readers posed questions and stated what they've heard through social media and email.

"Rumors spread by the use of student cell phones are complicating and perpetuating the issue," Kranefeld said in her email. "Cell phones are not to be used during the school day."

While there were more deputies at the school Thursday, Brooks explained the added police presence was not a result of violence at the school.

Rather, school resource officers from around the county were meeting at C. Milton Wright Thursday to work on a project, Brooks said.

“They may have assigned another deputy to the school today," Brooks said Friday, adding, “There’s no information we’ve received that there will be any disturbance there today.”

Kranefeld said the school resource officer and the school system's coordinator of safety and security have been at the school to aid the administration.

"Fighting on school property is a serious offense and one that is not taken lightly. School administrators work proactively to avoid conflicts between students," Kranefeld wrote.

"However, the school administration rely on parents as well to partner with them in this effort by discussing with their children the severity and consequences of such behavior in school."

Mary Colleen Sheridan Allan February 07, 2012 at 02:54 PM
FormerHCPSEmployee February 07, 2012 at 03:15 PM
Tom, the administration IS responsible for this. It never should have gotten to this point. I used to teach at CMW, and while there were occasional fights like at any school, what is happening now is abnormal for any school, but CMW especially. The situation there has deteriorated over the past few years and it is the result of students hating being at the school. Give students a positive culture and these problems all but go away. Instead you have a principal who threatens to have students removed one-by-one by the police from a pep rally if she doesn't get silence. If the students *hate* being at school then these type of incidents occur. Students can take ownership of their own education and school without letting them "run the institution." When students are encouraged to be involved at a level much higher than "You have to know this for the HSA exam" then these problems disappear.
Good Mom February 08, 2012 at 02:40 PM
Hazzard you are so right! I transfered my kids to Harford County from Balto county this year for middle and high schools and my kids tell me that the fights in HCPS are a joke compared to BCPS. They think HCPS is like a walk in the park and they weren't even in a bad part of Balto county. LOL. I think the C Milton parents are blowing this way out of proportion. Kids fight in all schools. There is nothing earth shattering going on. These parents have just getting a dose of reality in their spoiled little Bel Air environment. I do agree that it all comes down to parenting. Does anyone tell their kids "NO" anymore? All these TV shows promoting teen pregnancy like "Celebrity" Teen Mom where you can have a child at 16 and make money and Sweet Sixteen where you too can be given cars and huge parties for acting like a complete spolied brat. So frustrating to watch! I raise my kids to be grateful for what they have and hard work is rewarded. These parents doing all this "super sleuthing" like checking emails and FB pages are just creating an enviroment of super criminals that learn from an early age how to hide things. It creates a false facade that you are somehow in control of everything when you have no clue what your kids are doing behind your back because they are afraid to talk to you because you are a control freak!Teach yor kids to be trustworthy and you won't need to worry about it.
Lori February 08, 2012 at 05:47 PM
Good Mom-I respectfully disagree. I have taught my children to be trustworthy and I also monitor their activities. They all have jobs, are honor roll and are very respectable members of society. We have very open communication but they know there are rules and expectations. It's not a matter of being in "control or super sleuthing", it boils down to teaching them right from wrong and making an impression on them that there are and will be consequences for their actions not only at home but for the rest of their lives in the outside world.
Good Mom February 14, 2012 at 02:02 PM
Lori, you just proved my point. You taught your kids to be trustworthy. You can monitor until you are blue in the face, but the child has to be taught correctly from the beginning. Kids shouldn't be allowed to have cell phones and FB if they can't be trusted to begin with. They too are straight A students, grateful for anything they receive and have far better manners than any kids I know. They are given freedom until they give me a reason to doubt their actions. I have personal experience with several friends and family members that think they are some kind of Super Parents because they rip the phones out of their child's hands to check their texts and think somehow that means the child knows right from wrong because they checked on them. Their children are some of the most devious kids I have ever met. My point is that if you expect your child to be untrustworthy, you will be granted your wish everytime. You have set the bar very low for them.


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