2 Minors Charged in Paint Can Fire that Burned Teenager

A 13-year-old female sustained burns after two minors allegedly threw a spray paint can into a campfire.

Two male minors have been charged with reckless endangerment after allegedly throwing a spray paint can into a campfire that exploded and burned a teenager Tuesday night, according to the Maryland State Fire Marshal's office.

The 13-year-old female sustained first-degree burns to both hands and first- and second-degree burns to her face, the fire marshal's office said. The burn victim’s mother drove her daughter to and the teenager was later transferred to Johns Hopkins for further treatment.

The two minors allegedly started the fire in a wooded area behind 200 Crocker Drive in Bel Air, according to the fire marshal. The two then allegedly poured an accelerant on the fire before throwing the spray paint can into the flames, the fire marshal's office said.

The victim’s mother notified police on Wednesday, authorities said. The two minors were charged later that day and then released to the custody of their parents.

There was not a threat of the campfire spreading, and no firefighters were called on scene, according to the fire marshal's office. The female is expected to make a full recovery.

Jonathan B October 28, 2011 at 10:31 AM
Another case of teenagers doing something stupid. That could have cost that girl her life. Those male teenagers need to be punished in such a way that they will never forget how their stupidity affected that young lady.
Leonard October 28, 2011 at 11:56 AM
Agreed Frank J King! I was a stupid kid many moons ago but there were things we just knew not to do. I'm just thankful her burns were only first and second degree she should heal with minimal scarring and nothing disfiguring I'll be praying for a complete recovery though.


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