UPDATE: 5 Stabbed in Edgewood Saturday

Police do not believe the incident is a random act.

UPDATED (11:30 a.m.)—The is investigating an incident that led to at least five stab victims in Edgewood late Saturday night.

The initial report by Patch on Sunday morning indicated four men, between the ages of 17 and 22, reported being attacked by a group of males who had fled the scene. According to a sheriff's office spokesperson, a fifth victim was located at 3:30 a.m. at Franklin Square Hospital.

The 21-year-old male was suffering from a stab wound to his lower torso, and investigators say his injury is likely connected to four other stabbings reported Saturday night, she said.

The four victims treated at the scene told officers that they were walking from a gas station in the 1700 block of Hanson Road toward a friend's house in Windsor Valley when they heard the group of males call out to them.

After the victims approached, the group began stabbing the males before fleeing the scene, spokeswoman Monica Worrell said. 

"The incident described does not appear to be a random act of violence. The investigation is ongoing at this time," Worrell told in an email.

Deputies arrived just before midnight in the 400 block of Meadowood Drive to find a 19-year-old male with multiple stab wounds in his torso. A 22-year-old male, who was aiding the 19-year-old when officers arrived, also had been stabbed in his torso. 

An 18-year-old male approached officers and EMS personnel with stab wounds in his upper torso.

A 17-year-old male suffering from minor cuts on his arm approached personnel at the scene.

Harford County Fire and EMS Association spokesman told  four patients were transported to area hospitals by Joppa-Magnolia Volunteer Fire Company. Three were taken to Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, and the fourth was transported to Upper Chesapeake Medical Center, according to Worrell.

The victims were all reported to be in stable condition as of 11:30 Sunday, Worrell said.

Worrell said anyone with information should contact Detective Brian Potts of the Harford County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Division at 410-836-5081.

G D March 05, 2012 at 11:43 AM
It's not a logistical problem, it's not a drug problem, it's not a crime problem....... here we go, now listen closely......... IT'S A PARENTING PROBLEM, or in most cases like these, a parent problem singular.
Enza Lilley March 05, 2012 at 12:07 PM
I have to disagree on the parenting problem. I know a lot of parents who raise their children in loving homes with lots of direction and discipline but ultimately in the end, children make their own choices, and sometimes those choices aren't the greatest! I honestly believe it's because people mind their own business too much anymore. We need to get back to an era where everyone knew everyone, relationships were formed, neighbors were neighborly, and everyone looked out for each other. Today people are looking out for themselves, driving their big SUV's they can't afford but can't let Mr Jones next door get ahead of him! We lost our priorities in life! I remember growing up in a not so hot area of Baltimore but our neighbors cared and if we saw something wrong going on, we weren't afraid to face it. It wasn't unusual for a neighbor to correct your child and there was no fear of parents being sued...I could go on and on....We need to regain our priorities in life and start caring again!
Mildred M. Samy March 05, 2012 at 06:38 PM
WELL SAID Enza Lilley. That is exactly what I have been telling people. We need to get INVOLVED in our communities. The police cannot do it alone. I too remember when a neighbor corrected my child and my child was again corrected when I got home from work. Nowadays if you do such a thing not only would you get sued; you might get attacked by the parent for even admonishing their child. WE NEED TO BE PROACTIVE AND TAKE BACK OUR NEIGHBORHOODS. STAY INFORMED; ATTEND YOUR COUNCIL MEETINGS; LET YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS KNOW THAT YOU ARE WILLING TO HELP IN ANY WAY YOU CAN AND LET THEM KNOW YOUR EXPECTATIONS FOR YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD.
Mike March 07, 2012 at 09:55 PM
Mildred your right. BUT the county does nothing to help either. Meaning whenever they have a festival or something going on in the community its where. IN BEL AIR. Some people need something to look forward to. The cops just sit around and pull over every car that goes to these neighborhoods instead of educating the people. getting out in the community ... but you have great points it is parenting ... and i never understood the housing situation either but this is just my opinion
Kevin Aylward March 08, 2012 at 12:04 PM
I've lived in Edgewood for over 25 years, and it was a very nice place to live . . . Right up to the time our Public leaders decided to annex our communities to Baltimore City, with a huge influx of criminals, gangs, drugs and everything the ill fated high rise ghetto of Baltimore City had before it got torn down. That was the beggining of the end. Harford County does not have an adequate police force to deal with such a huge influx of criminals. We rely on a Sherriffs department that is simply out of their depth of expertise, and the State Police, who just don't have the manpower to operate in a community level broad spectrum force. Once again, Harford County leadership has acted without prior forsight. They did it with the developers, who built beyond the counties infrastructure, and now again with introducing a huge population influx from an urban environment, without forthought to the police and penal requirements that such an influx requires. We need to triple our police forces, courts and jails to accomadate this problem. And we need leadership that can face the urban plight that they have brought on us by thier shortisghtedness. Those who live west on Route 40 need to realize that they are not exempt from the problem. They need to know that these criminals will eventually figure out that the best victims are in the wealthier areas. Why would a thief rob someone who has no money? They are going to figure this out in time. Don't think it ends in Edgewood! Get prepared!


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