Sheriff's Office Honors Standout Deputies, Citizens

Sheriff Jesse Bane honored deputies and citizens alike at the annual banquet.

Maj. Dale Stonesifer received the Harford County sheriff's Special Recognition Award at the office's annual banquet April 13.

Chosen by Sheriff Jesse Bane for "his tireless efforts, dedication to duty and loyalty while meeting the agency’s needs by simultaneously commanding two bureaus from April 2010 until February 2011," Stonesifer was the surprise honoree of the night.

Dozens of other members of the and a handful of citizens received the following awards:

Purple Heart for deputies who have received line-of-duty injuries inflicted by an adversary which have resulted in serious injury to the nominee.

Lifesaving for deputies who actively participated in the saving of a human life by physical rescue or through the administration of first aid or CPR.

Merit for deputies who have performed their duties in an exemplary manner and displayed initiative, professionalism or devotion to duty that is beyond the expectations of their normal duty assignment.

Unit Citation for a specific squad, shift or other unit of the agency, recognizing superior performance during a calendar year that is clearly deemed exceptional and worthy of recognition.

Letter of Commendation for any employee of the Harford County Sheriff's Office whose performance deserves recognition, but does not meet criteria for any other designated award.

The event was held at the Level Volunteer Fire Company on Level Village Road.

Below is the full list of honorees:

Special Sheriff's Award

  • Maj. Dale Stonesifer

Purple Heart

  • DFC Christopher Tolliver

Livesaving Award

  • DFC Jeremy Mothershed
  • Cpl. Scott Johnson
  • DFC Shane Fraser
  • DFC Mary Mullin
  • DFC Larry Lowe
  • RN Michael Durbin
  • LPN Maria Brown
  • Cpl. Christopher Crespo (Honored twice)
  • DFC Jennifer Huey
  • DFC Michael Schelper
  • DFC Michael Wilsynski
  • DFC Timothy "Randy" Blevins
  • DFC Michael Stambaugh
  • DFC Larry Thomas
  • Deputy Gary Smith
  • DFC Ronald Sherman
  • RN Diane Jankowski

Letters of Commendation

  • Sgt. Danny Haslup
  • DFC Garrett Stefan
  • LPN Sharon Kennard
  • DFC Craig Blessing
  • DFC Timothy "Randy" Blevins
  • Cpl. Michael Boyd
  • DFC Mark Jeric
  • DFC Jeffrey "Nate" Gerres
  • DFC Wilbert Adams
  • DFC Daniel Vazquez
  • DFC Kimberly Chandler
  • DFC Grant Krulock
  • Deputy Terry Lindsey
  • DFC Michael Berg
  • DFC Christopher Maddox
  • Sgt. Paul Wilkinson
  • Cpl. Robert Burns
  • DFC Melissa Klein
  • DFC Bryan Sporrer
  • DFC Joseph Dugan
  • DFC Brian Brandow
  • DFC Brian Miller
  • DFC Darwin King
  • DFC Samuel Mitchell
  • Dr. Eric Nager, M.D.
  • Mark Koehler and Aramark Staff 

Merit Award

  • DFC Christopher Maddox
  • DFC Richard Hardick

Unit Citation

Harford County Sheriff's Office Training Academy Staff

  • Lt. Carl Brooks
  • Cpl. James Pangratz
  • DFC Anthony Boer
  • DFC Janna Wood
  • Mrs. Revonda Tipton

Members of the Harford County Task Force

Certificate of Appreciation

  • Jonathan Walls
  • Patrick O'Neill
  • Senior Special Agent Bruce J. Flaugher
  • Dave Naumann
  • Tiffany Rose
  • Scott Johnson
  • Jimmy Schumate
  • David Macomber
  • Harford Y of Central Maryland
  • Citizens' Police Academy Alumni Association
  • Giant Foods 


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