APG: 'Extensive Testing' Reveals No Chemical Agents

A building demolition site was examined following reports of a strange odor last week.

officials said Monday that further testing revealed no chemical agents are present at a building demolition site on the south side of post.

, the building site was inspected the evening of June 26 after demolition crews disrupted a pipe. One employee was evaluated Wednesday morning after reporting an odor at the site the night prior.

On Thursday, lab analysis of samples taken from the area confirmed a was present at the demolition site, according to a release from APG.

Monday, APG officials said all follow-up tests on the site "proved negative for the presence of chemical agents."

A statement from APG's Public Affairs Office said:

"There have been no adverse health impacts to personnel at APG or to any off-post communities. As a continued precautionary measure, the site will be further evaluated to determine future actions. 

"As safety remains the number one priority, the post will continue to use all assets to ensure the health and safety of its personnel."

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some guy July 10, 2012 at 03:39 PM
The fox removed the feathers from his blood stained lips to reiterate the veracity of the security of the chickens, the coop is secure go back to sleep. Known liars will guard the truth for you.


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