Bel Air Residents Cast Votes

Several voters took time to share their thoughts with Patch.

Voter turnout was low in Tuesday's presidential primary, keeping lines down to a minimum for Bel Air voters.

"It's light, but the primary is always light," Chief Election Judge Michael Ademiluyi said while standing outside the brand new polling place at .

Election judges at Knights of Columbus Hall in Forest Hill, a polling place for some Bel Air residents, said turnout for Democrats was particularly low. Election judges speculated the start of spring break and early voting could have something to do with the notably low numbers.

Michael Mooney, 25, of Fallston arrived at Knights of Columbus Hall around 4 p.m. to campaign for Rick Santorum and catch voters coming from work to the polls.

Mooney said he supports Santorum because of the candidate's dedication to creating jobs as well as his level of consistency.

"He's a social conservative, doesn't waiver on the issues, and is very consistent which most of the candidates in this race are not," Mooney said.

Across town at , the scene was largely the same with no lines and a slow trickle of voters.

At Bel Air, Chuck Stevens, age 47, cast his vote for Rick Santorum.

Stevens, a quality assurance engineer, said Santorum's conservative values drew Stevens' attention. He added Santorum also appears to him to be the best candidate to go up against current-President Barrack Obama in the general election.

Bryan Zbikowski, age 29, also cast his vote at Bel Air Elementary.

The young man, who works for , said he voted for Ron Paul because of his support of the U.S. Constitution.

"I feel like we've strayed from that in the last four to eight years," Zbikowski said.

Zbikowski said he opposes certain recent amendments that stray from the document's intent, though he did not specify which amendments those were.

"We don't even let [the Constitution] dictate how we make the rules or how we govern the country," Zbikowski said.

Janet Handy, age 57, said she voted for Barack Obama because of his healthcare plan. Handy, an attorney, said she made a point to come out and vote for .

"Judge Bowen was duly appointed and I think she's doing a good job and hopefully she'll continue to get to do that," Handy said.

Running against Bowen is H. Edward Andrews III.

Michael Mooney April 04, 2012 at 10:38 PM
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