Board of Ed OKs Funding For Havre de Grace High, Youth's Benefit Elementary

The Harford County Board of Education approved a capital improvement plan Monday.

The Harford Board of Education put a shovel in the ground for Youth’s Benefit Elementary School, and agreed that Havre de Grace High School should have its turn, voting Monday to support local funding for new facilities at each school.

The board passed the proposed Fiscal Year 2014 Capital Improvement Plan by a 7-1 vote, with board member Robert Frisch voting against the plan, citing “principle.”

At a recent meeting, some members said the school replacement process has become political.

Supporters, students, and teachers of both schools have voiced their concern over a variety of issues—including safety, security, overcrowding, poor sanitary conditions, boarded up water fountains due to lead contamination, limited technology, and leaking roofs.

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Heather Young September 25, 2012 at 12:26 PM
This is amazing! Congrats to HHS!! It is about time!!
Brian September 25, 2012 at 12:45 PM
EVERY time there is a controversial bill up for vote in Maryland that considers raising taxes, we "the citizens" are promised more spending for infrastructure. Yet given the unprecedented amount of tax money that is ALWAYS promised us, we are stuck haggling for needed school improvements and replacements. Although I agree that Youth's Benefit Elementary is the priority in this case, I also believe that HdG High is in need of upgrade or replacement. Where are the funds to do this as promised by our representatives? Are we being lied to time and time again? I believe so. Frisch was right to vote against funding both projects. Not because he doesn't "want" both schools built, but rather that we just don't have the funding available. The funding that is promised to us "the taxpayers" time and again every time our legislators want another tax hike. Seems to me the people in this state need to focus on what the issues are and who is best qualified to solve them regardless of what letter precedes their name. My daughter goes to HdG schools and will be a benefactor to a new high school. I am happy for the vote for funding. However, there is still the issue of funding. Where is that money going to come from because it sure won't be coming from the legislators that are promising it to us. Looks like the local taxes will be going up considerably. Not only to fund these two projects ,but also to fund the teacher's pensions that the state has decided to push onto us on a local level.


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