Delegate Szeliga Speaks Out Against Toll Increase

The state delegate for Harford County provided a copy of her letter to the state for Patch.

Maryland House of Delegates District 7 representative Kathy Szeliga is about the . She said as much in a letter to Secretary of the Maryland Department of Transportation Beverly Swaim-Staley.

Below is Szeliga's statement and letter unedited, in full.


State Delegate Kathy Szeliga has issued an open letter to the Secretary of the Maryland Department of Transportation, Beverly Swaim-Staley, who is also the Chairman of the Maryland Transportation Authority.  “Today, I submitted a letter in opposition to the toll increases on behalf of the more than 110,000 who live in the 7th legislative district,” said Delegate Szeliga.  She continued, “Families and businesses are really struggling today in Maryland.  We need better solutions to the challenges facing our state, not just additional tolls, taxes, and fees.” 

Dear Secretary Swaim-Staley:

On behalf of the citizens of Maryland’s 7th Legislative District, I would like to express my strongest opposition to the toll increases proposed last week.  My district straddles Interstate 95 in the Baltimore and Harford County areas.  Consequently, many of my constituents commute through the toll facilities regularly and will be directly affected by these proposed toll increases.

Increasing tolls during these austere times is not wise.  Not only will these toll increases affect the pocket books of individual commuters through the toll facilities, but it will have a direct affect on commercial traffic and ultimately the cost of goods and services in Maryland.  Businesses of all sizes are struggling today more than ever before and this additional tax will do irreparable harm to the operations of the thousand of Maryland residents and businesses who use the toll facilities daily.

I will work with you to find solutions to funding our roads and highways without raising fees and taxes.  I urge you to reconsider raising the cost of tolls across the state, especially at the proposed levels.  Marylanders simply cannot afford to pay additional fees and taxes today.   


Delegate Kathy Szeliga


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