Harford County Executive Opposes Walmart Move

Walmart officially reached out to the Harford County Council about plans to build a new store in Bel Air.

issued a statement Tuesday opposing Walmart's proposed move from .

Walmart has at the intersection of Plumtree Road and Emmorton Road, or MD Route 924, in Bel Air. If the new store opens, the location in Constant Friendship will close and all the employees will move to the new store.

The plan for the Bel Air location was met with backlash from the community back in 2011, with residents along the Route 924 corridor holding meetings and expressing opposition to .

The opposition base remains strong against Walmart, with one online petition gaining 400 signatures. A recent informational meeting held at Patterson Mill High School drew more than 800 people, many of whom were vocal against the project.

"While Walmart can, by right under the law, develop this property, I stand with our citizens and urge Walmart to reconsider plans to relocate from Abingdon to Bel Air," Craig said in his statement (view Craig's full statement below).

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The following is the county executive's unedited statement:

“Harford County Government has been officially notified by representatives of Walmart of their interest in relocating from the current location at Constant Friendship near Abingdon to a site on Plumtree Road near Bel Air. The proposal includes plans for a Walmart Supercenter at the Bel Air location, which is a significant expansion beyond the size of the current store.

“I have serious concerns regarding the proposed construction of a Walmart at the site discussed. It is in my opinion the wrong location and not characteristic of the smaller type of retail we had hoped would complement the existing community shopping centers in the area. But more importantly, I have serious concerns about how the proposed project will impact traffic and public safety.

“I feel that it would in the long run be better for the county if Walmart were to re-invest in their Constant Friendship location. All too often, we are quick to abandon older facilities and communities in favor of new locations without looking at ways to revitalize what we already have. Now that the state has put the finishing touches on the new interchange at 24 and 924, the traffic situation in that area has improved greatly, and the current location is much better equipped to handle the volume of traffic that a store such as Walmart generates.

“While Walmart can, by right under the law, develop this property, I stand with our citizens and urge Walmart to reconsider plans to relocate from Abingdon to Bel Air. My administration is interested in working with Walmart to find a more amenable solution that will allow them to expand at their current Constant Friendship/Abingdon location. I encourage citizens to stay engaged in this process and to let their voices be heard. I hope that we can work together on a plan that is better for our citizens and our community.”

Mark August 05, 2012 at 11:29 PM
I think the new location would be great for Walmart and the surrounding area.. That so called improved new interchange at 24 and 924 really does nothing to help access that poorly planned mess of a shopping area where they are now... The new location would not only improve the area but you would have at least 3ways to enter and exit.
Penelope Patch October 21, 2012 at 04:38 AM
Mike, I agree with you. I do not shop at Walmart either and am perplexed as to why we need so many in our area. It sounds like the "deal is done" and I think that what we are currently seeing is phony political posturing. I would hate to see Craig buy off Walmart with taxpayer dollars, which would be a horrible use of public money. Maybe the best way for everyone to voice their opinion to Walmart is...just don't shop there. For the folks who approved the zoning change, vote them out of office. Why do we keep shopping in places that don't care anything about us? They don't even treat their own employees well. We have more influence than we think and on many different levels.
Penelope Patch October 21, 2012 at 04:49 AM
I hope that if Craig runs, that the rest of the State pay close attention to the way he has conducted business here. I have seen this administration move so far left it is touching the right. They know what is best for us and its sickening. STOP SPENDING OUR MONEY ON STUPID STUFF, Mr. Craig. There is nothing to be done about Walmart because the politicans have long signed it off through zoning. It serves us right and as a life-long Harford County citizen I am so disappointed in what our county has become. They make it all look good from the outside, but there's a lot of dirt going on in the inside. As a citizen, why not register our sentiment with Walmart by not shopping there?
Ahmad0001 December 18, 2012 at 05:17 AM
Well, he said he hopes to work with Walmart to see how they can be persuaded to stay in Abingdon. http://www.onlinedatastoragesite.com/softwares/safeguard-my-kid-online-choosing-parental-manage-software.html
selnhms April 14, 2013 at 01:36 PM
A smaller business couldn't afford to buy the property and run a profit. If you are selling a commercial property of that size you will need a large corporation for it to make financial sense. Wow we really need financial literacy classes to be mandatory in High Schools.


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