Harford County to Residents: Take "Major Storm" Seriously

Hurricane Sandy could have a significant impact on Harford County and all of Maryland.

Harford County is taking an active approach to warning residents about the impending impact of Hurricane Sandy.

The "Frankenstorm" is slated to hit the East Coast sometime between Sunday and Tuesday.

The following "hurricane warning message" was delivered to Harford County residents by Emergency Manager Rick Ayers Friday morning:

"I want to emphasize the potential for a very dangerous situation for Harford County. The main impact for our county will be Sunday night through Tuesday, when we could have sustained tropical storm force winds and hurricane gusts of 80 mph. The potential for major flooding along the coast and inland is also a concern, with rain amounts expected between 6 and 12 inches and higher in some areas.

"The possibility of a major storm surge along the Chesapeake Bay will occur if the hurricane makes landfall near mouth of the bay and a storm surge of 4 to 8 feet is possible.

"The County EOC (Emergency Operations Center) is activating today to make necessary decisions for the safety of our citizens. However, at this time you the citizen need to be pro-active. Make sure you have your cell phones entered into our Emergency Notification System, by going to our website www.harfordpublicsafety.org and click 'sign-up now' or call 410-638-4900.

"Make sure that you have a three-day supply of water and canned foods for your family, have a battery operated radio and extra batteries. Although, we will have shelters available, if you live in an area prone to flooding ... please consider a plan to relocate to a safe area.

"I can't stress enough ... this is a major storm and take this serious. Thanks and be safe."

Read more Patch coverage of Hurricane Sandy here.


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