Hollywood Casino Revenue Down 40.5 Percent

Hollywood Casino Perryville and two other Maryland casinos hauled in a combined total of $43 million last month.

Hollywood Casino Perryville generated more than $5 million in November, while Maryland's three casinos combined to generate $43 million. Still, the Cecil County facility continues to see a major dip in revenue over last year.

Hollywood Casino saw a 40.5 percent decrease in money earned compared with November 2011, when it brought in $9,113,039.66.

The 1,500-machine facility in Perryville hauled in $5,421,639.64 last month.

Maryland Live Casino, which opened in June and operates 4,750 machines, generated $34,365,182.50 last month.

The Casino at Ocean Downs brought in $3,315,479.40 from its 800 machines.

Without factoring in the major boost from Maryland Live Casino, Maryland's gaming revenue is down 28.5 percent—or $3.478 million—since last year.

The revenue per machine per day breaks down as follows:

  • Maryland Live Casino: $241.16
  • Casino at Ocean Downs: $138.14
  • Hollywood Casino Perryville: $120.48

For a breakdown on the financial disbursement of revenue from Maryland's casinos, visit this page on the Maryland Lottery website.

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PcTech December 06, 2012 at 07:08 PM
This doesn't surprise me. I visited Hollywood once on the way back from shopping in Delaware. It's pretty pathetic. The gamblers I know, told me they prefer Dover Downs and would not frequent Hollywood, and I can see why this is, having been there. The casino owners have made serious design errors in the choice of slot machines. Most are too complicated to be easily understood. Many people prefer levers over buttons as well. Why is this listed under government? This is a business issue and has little to do with government. We don't get reports about other businesses listed under government. The decision to allow gambling was made long ago. Now the operations of those businesses are not government issues unless they start cheating people, and then it's a police matter. When I called on Indian Casinos in Florida they were all located in areas I refer to as Casino deserts. Over time, the surrounding business die out. The areas become ill kept and decline. Casinos are like low level radioactivity. They slow kill the areas around them. Unlike a Wal-Mart which is like cyanide which kills quickly and whose effects can be seen much sooner. Both reduce the number of jobs in any area, and both hurt the people of the states they reside in. These are both extremely high profit and tend to hurt those who can afford it the least.
Karl Schuub December 06, 2012 at 07:17 PM
Plus Perryville wants to or already has returned several hundred of the machines to the state because business stinks. So that means we own, the taxpayes own several hundred idle machines that cost us dozens of millions of dollars and are now dust collectors in less than 2 years.
Carole Taylor December 06, 2012 at 08:27 PM
The decline of Perryville has nothing do with location, food or the state it's located in. It has everything to do with the fact that they have tightened up the machines and they do not pay off like they did in the past. You feed them your money but get nothing back. I live very close to Perryville, but now go to Maryland Live where I actually can win.
George Helm December 06, 2012 at 09:43 PM
Carole, sort of like the handling of the speed camera's and redlight camera's, all for safety not revenue!
Rick December 27, 2012 at 12:53 PM
Carole that is exactly what my wife and I said about the machines plus they send you free $10 slot play. Are you kidding!!!! We have spent a whole lot more then just qualifying for $10 free play. Everyone's comments are interesting and something that my wife and I have discussed. When the voters voted in Question 7 they were duped. If you read the expanded explanation of what you were going to vote for ( and even that was a joke for an explanation ) there should have been no way anyone should have voted for that Question. Trust me they would have re-introduced a new version to the voters and probably had some type of vote for this new version because they are all about the money. This State is so bad that we are considering leaving it. This is something that we would never had considered 10 years ago, but this State sucks!!!! They are already lowering the monetary percentage amount that the State receives from the casinos, plus all the promotions that the casinos do are paid out of the overall profits before the State gets anything plus all related expenses. So if they give 5 Ford Escapes per month for a year we pay for it and then receive what is left. This was all in the expanded explanation that was with the Sample ballot that was sent out to all of us prior to voting but yet it was passed. We are our worst enemies and deserve what we get!!!!


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