Bel Air Commissioners Discuss Sustainability

You can find updates from the meeting here.

The Bel Air Board Of Commissioners held its regular business meeting Tuesday in light of Monday's holiday.

Find meeting updates below:

8:04 p.m.: The meeting is adjourned.

8:02 p.m.: Commissioner David Carey said for the past few years money from Highway Administration has been severely cut the past few years, but in the Governor’s budget announced last week a large amount of that money had been restored which translates to good news for Bel Air. “We’ve still got 75 days of session,” Carey cautioned.

8:00 p.m.: “This is not Tudor Hall, this is not a house that needs a lot of work,” Kane said.

7:57 p.m.: John Kane who lives on East Broadway thanked commissioners for the chance to talk about the brick house Garono referred to. “This is a very rare opportunity that this house is for sale,” Kane said.

7:57 p.m.: Garono said he thought the town may be interested in purchasing the property.

7:52 p.m.: Ed Garono with ReMax in Bel Air comes forward for public comment. A house the company is trying to sell was built by the Hays family and purchased in 1897 by the Kelly’s who then built the Liriodendron mansion. It is not in town limits, but does adjoin the town. The price has been reduced since it has been listed. Period furnishings would be included with the house.

7:52 p.m.: The motion carries in unanimous vote.

7:50 p.m.: Susan Burdette said she wanted to thank “Phil,” who consulted on the plan for the town.

7:50 p.m.: Town administrator Chris Schlehr said he believes it will become more competitive to get these sustainability funds.

7:49 p.m.: “I really do think this plan has substance and I really do think each year we should measure,” Hopkins said.

7:47 p.m.: Small said some of these are difficult to track, but the town administrator will oversee this and the sustainability committee will meet to review the plan and measure accomplishments.

7:46 p.m.: Mayor Edward Hopkins asked how this plan allows for tracking improvements over the next few years.

7:45 p.m.: Additional items in the plan include updates to town bike and pedestrian paths and improving intersections for pedestrians, coordination with downtown taverns and restaurants.

7:43 p.m.: Small said the plan sets a direction for the town and ways the government can shape a sustainable future for their community. Specific items in the plan include providing free WiFi in downtown Bel Air, development of the armory as a community center, energy conservation, municipal and community recycling, development review incentives for sustainable practices, revitalized businesses in downtown.

7:41 p.m.: Town Planner Kevin Small said the plan was put together by a federal consultant with public and official input.

7:41 p.m.: The town moves to accept the town sustainability plan.

7:40 p.m.: All vote in favor and the motion passes.

7:37 p.m.: In late November 2012 the new application for All About Cookies was reviewed and approved as long as the business provide improvements and documentation of those improvements in $5,000 amounts through receipts.

7:35 p.m.: Commissioner David Carey moves to approve the loan agreement packet for All About Cookies for the amount of $40,000.

7:35 p.m.: The motion is approved unanimously.

7:34 p.m.: Town legal counsel recommends getting a spouse to also sign especially in the case of an LLC.

7:32 p.m.: It is required that the town use standardized forms for applicants. Six documents are in the town loan agreement package. The documents have been vetted and approved by town staff. The staff recommends approving this package.

7:31 p.m.: Director of economic development, Trish Heidenreich said for years it’s been a recommendation for the town to provide loans to businesses. Last year the town started a revolving loan fund in the amount of $75,000. The town also received a legacy grant funds to supplement this.

7:30 p.m.: Commissioner Robert Reier moves to approve the loan package.

7:30 p.m.: The agenda and previous meeting minutes are approved.

7:29 p.m.: The meeting is called to order.


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