Town Meeting Preview: Commissioners To Discuss Ethics Code

The state required all municipalities to update ethics laws, and the time for input on Bel Air's new ethics legislation is tonight, March 19.

Maryland required all municipalities to update ethics laws to incorporate conflict of interest standards and financial disclosure requirements at least as stringent as those required for state officials.

The is expected to vote on the new legislation Monday.

The ethics laws were initially meant to be in place by Oct. 1, 2011, according to the government's website on the subject.

At a previous town work session, Joyce Oliver, director of administration and town clerk, said there was significant backup when it came to the state's review of these ethics changes and the town's paperwork was submitted in a timely fashion.

A public hearing on the updated ethics laws will take place during the regularly scheduled town meeting at 7:30 p.m. Monday, March 19.

A resolution outlining fees in association with the ethics law will also be introduced.

The board is also expected to award bids for detective interview equipment, parking garage elevator modernization and Roland Place stormwater pond repairs.

See attached documents for full agenda and copies of proposed legislation.


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