LEGAL: DUIs Are No Laughing Matter & Defendants Need Substantial Help

Anyone can make a mistake, and most people that get stopped for DUI/DWI need a thorough and capable advocate. A strong defense will ensure that you survive the MVA, the Courts, and public opinion.

DUIs are getting tougher to defend in Harford County, and rightfully so....A strong defense effort means lots of preliminary work & self awareness for conscientious Defendants. When a Defendant gets charged with a DUI/ DWI, defense efforts have to focus on successful strategies to mitigate the criminal exposure of the defendant. No one is above the law, and listening to anyone telling you not to worry should be a nonstarter. Protect yourself at all times--hire an attorney that will explain everything that is involved and how you can overcome legal pitfalls. Drunk driving will involve the police; the MVA; your employer; your family; and, most of all YOU. Complete attention to details is absolutely required. A good attorney will help you to develop a game plan that is well thought out and successful. Low fees mean low experience and little caring. Choose your counsel wisely! Anyone can make a mistake, and communicating what you have done to make things right critically important. Your game plan becomes your life plan.

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Jill Bracewell January 06, 2013 at 04:44 PM
The best and least expensive way to avoid a DUI in Harford Co (or anywhere) is to NOT get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking!!! I have zero tolerance for people who think that they are above the law and drive after drinking. After losing my aunt to alcoholism 2 years ago, and going through other issues dealing with alcoholics in my life, I think that anyone who drinks and drives ought to lose their privilege to drive. Period. What gives them the right to continue to be a danger to others on the roads? Mandatory loss of license, mandatory inpatient rehab, monitored AA meetings should be law. If you want to take the chance of drinking and driving, remember this: The child you may kill tonight may be your own.
OldHarfordCounty January 07, 2013 at 02:50 PM
Kind of amazing that this passes as news. Does Iceworld, All that Glitters and Northern Chesapeake know that the advertising they pay for is to support "How to get off easy on a DUI" news? (at least that is the ads I am seeing here). I have to wonder what Huffington and patch.com is going for if this is what passes as news. Or did the author pay to print this as a "non-ad" advertisement?
MAURICIO BARREIRO January 12, 2013 at 11:56 PM
Please use your real name if you really want to criticize blog posts, and not pseudonyms. If you use your real name, we would find out if you had ever done anything stupid and gotten help from counsel: tickets; divorce; crimes, etc. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and Harford County has exceptional judges to deal with DUIs. no one gets away willy nilly... And an attorney's job is to educate and REHABILITATE his client. That is what good attorneys do....
Jill Bracewell January 13, 2013 at 12:15 AM
Rehabilitate? What is the ratio of people who get 1 DUI and "rehabilitate" versus repeat offenders? Please Mr. Barreiro, give us a break. Too many people get off 1st, 2nd, even 3rd offenses, and continue to drink and drive, with or without a license. What would YOU do if it affected your family? Your child? I am quite sure that if some idiot's DUI took the life or viability of your loved one, you would not be advertising how to get off....you would want that person tried and hung. As far as "rehabilitating" an offender, trust me, if it were that easy to get a drunk rehabilitated, you would be a millionaire.
Jill Bracewell January 13, 2013 at 12:17 AM
P.S. If people used their money for rehabilitation instead of alcohol and lawyers, you would be out of business.


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