C. Milton Wright Wins Harford County Swim Title

The Mustangs won the regular season crown, led by an undefeated girls team.

The C. Milton Wright swim team won the regular season championship in Harford County.

The Mustangs girls (15-0) led the way for the team, which also went 15-0. The boys were 14-1.

See the full standings included with this post.

The county swim championship is scheduled for Feb. 5 and 6 at Magnolia Middle School.

Have photos of your team in action? Add them to this post and we'll feature them in a slideshow before the championship meet.

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Mel Huff February 07, 2013 at 03:34 PM
Congrats to CMW for the win, and to ALL the SWIMMERS who worked just as hard and did an amazing job!!! This was the WORST hosted HS event EVER! The people that ran it were on major power trips and nothing but RUDE! Sad that you cant even go to a High School event and enjoy the teams there and the people.. Aberdeen staff that were there most definitely took it away from our swimmers. Saw the head of it all hound a lady to the point of tears.. Yelled at her in front of everyone for looking for a student. Grab her and made everything fall from her hands. Just shocking that someone in charge would be allowed to get away with this just because she wore a HCPS badge!


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