Record 7 Members Sworn into Harford Board of Education

Cassandra Beverley was the latest elected member to join the board, along with Rick Grambo and Robert Frisch.

The Harford County Board of Education is scheduled to hold its first meeting of fiscal year 2012 tonight at 7 with new members in more than half of its nine positions.

In a ceremony Monday afternoon at the A.A. Roberty building, elected member Cassandra Beverley along with , Ronald Browning and Jim Thornton—all appointed by Gov. Martin O’Malley—were sworn into their new positions.

Elected members Rick Grambo and Robert Frisch, who had been serving in an appointed capacity, took their oath for a second time.

They will join the two longest-tenured members on the board, Leonard Wheeler and Alysson Krchnavy. This marks the first time the board has been comprised of more than seven members.

“I think the board members clearly are dedicated to service and I look forward to working with each and every one,” Superintendent Robert Tomback told Patch after the ceremony.

Browning and Thornton found out about their appointments Friday and Thursday night, respectively, .

“I think I told [the governor’s office] it was like getting hit with a cold bucket of water in the face,” Browning told Patch.

Thornton, meanwhile, had to resign from his position as a member of the Harford County Liquor Control Board.

“The county executive’s very supportive in my decision to pursue the opportunity with the Board of Education,” Thornton told Patch. “We have a great school system. As I look at the opportunity, I bring a business perspective in a very difficult economic environment.”

Hau, who was appointed along with Reynolds  is excited to get started.

“It’s been a goal of mine. … Education is a really very, very important topic for all of us,” said Hau, who was not worried about being one of so many new members on the board. “I think everybody’s well-qualified to make really considered decisions. We’ll work together as a team.”

Reynolds, a former Harford County educator, considered the appointment a continuation of her career.

“It’s an opportunity to continue to serve,” Reynolds said. “I have a unique opportunity [and] experience working 30 years in the county.”


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