Sweatshirt Controversy: Boy Gets Tickets From Terrell Suggs

After 12-year-old Ayden Lasley of Bel Air was reprimanded at school for wearing a "Ball So Hard University" sweatshirt, Terrell Suggs reached out to the family.

What started as a negative experience ended with an outpouring far beyond one Bel Air boy's imagination.

Ayden Lasley, age 12, will be going the Ravens playoff home game on Sunday thanks to player Terrell Suggs.

After Ayden and his father Bill took a stand over 's policy prohibiting a "Ball So Hard University" sweatshirt, their story caught the attention of Suggs, the original "BSHU alum."

After , word spread to TSizzle55.com, which sells Suggs' officially licensed apparel. From there, word spread to the player himself.

"[Suggs] said, 'Do what you've got to to to get a hold of [Ayden],'" said James Wilhide, who works for the website.

Wilhide said Suggs was happy to do something for the young man who showed him such strong support.

"He'll bend over backwards for you," Wilhide said. "He's definitely for the fans."

Saturday afternoon, Wilhide paid a personal visit to the Lasleys, delivering a "Ball So Hard University" sweatshirt, T-shirt and magnets to Ayden on behalf of Suggs.

But the outpouring didn't stop there.

“[Suggs] set aside tickets for us for tomorrow’s game," Bill Lasley said on Saturday.

On Sunday, Bill and Ayden Lasley will make their way to M&T Bank Stadium to watch the Ravens face off against the Houston Texans.

It will be the first time Ayden has attended an NFL game.

"The fact that Terrell Suggs has been so generous is just overwhelming," Lasley said.

He reached out to Suggs on Twitter to extend his thanks.

"No problem. It will be my honor," Suggs responded through the social media site.

The Lasleys describe themselves as a family of Ravens fans.

"No matter what, we'll always make time for the Ravens," Ayden said. "I have an even better appreciation now."

Ashley Walto, Bill Lasley's cousin, said her grandfather recently beat cancer and the Ravens games played a big role in that battle.

"That was the only thing that he would get up for," Walto said. "It helped us get through his cancer."

Bill Lasley described the events of the past week as "a whirlwind."

It began when Ayden wore a "Ball So Hard University" sweatshirt to Southampton Middle School where he is a student.

Ayden was thrilled to wear his new sweatshirt, but when an assistant principal saw the sweatshirt and told him he had to turn it inside out or take it off, the young man became confused and frustrated.

Bill Lasley called the school to find out what the problem was. He was told the sweatshirt sent "mixed messages," and wearing it violated school policy.

"I just thought it was a ridiculous policy and wanted someone to explain it to me," Lasley said.

The school later reversed its decision, allowing the young man to wear the sweatshirt to school again.

“It obviously has helped to affect some positive change at the school and that’s really why I did it, I never thought this would happen," Lasley said. “I wanted to show my son that you need to stand up for you believe in.”

Karl Schuub January 23, 2012 at 01:07 PM
Guess his ball not so hard.
Bill Lasley January 25, 2012 at 09:29 PM
Once again Karl shows he has absolutely no class! Way to be consistent Karl.
Karl Schuub January 25, 2012 at 11:51 PM
Somebody has like zero sense of humor. You need to chill out.
trevor September 15, 2012 at 02:51 AM
que tengo que hacer pa que vuelvas conmigo, vamos a dejar el pasado atrás. pa mi la vida no tiene sentido, si te vaass!
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