Patterson Mill, Harford Tech Make All-Division Football Team

The Upper Chesapeake Bay Athletic Conference named players in the All-Susquehanna Division.

1st Team Offense

  • Quarterback: Luke DePasquale (Patterson Mill senior)
  • Running back: Joe Peaker (Perryville senior)
  • Running back: L.J. Ray (Elkton senior)
  • Tight end: Niles Scott (Elkton junior)
  • Tackle: Mike Vega (Harford Tech senior)
  • Guard: David Doring (Perryville senior)
  • Center: Mike Rossi (Elkton senior)
  • Guard: Mark Reuter (Patterson Mill junior)
  • Tackle: Alex Hollingshead (Patterson Mill junior)
  • Wide receiver: Angelo Brusnahan (Bohemia Manor senior)
  • Punter: Kyle Thomas (Elkton senior)
  • Kicker: Isaac Robinton (Elkton senior)
  • Athlete: Isiah Gills (Harford Tech senior)

1st Team Defense

  • Defensive lineman: Jake Martin (Patterson Mill senior)
  • Defensive lineman: Mike Vega (Harford Tech senior)
  • Defensive lineman: Cater Dudzinski (Elkton senior)
  • Defensive lineman: Daryl Johnson (Perryville senior)
  • Linebacker: Kyle Thomas (Elkton senior)
  • Linebacker: Nate Price (Bohemia Manor senior)
  • Linebacker: Tyler Oppel (Patterson Mill senior)
  • Linebacker: Austin Gregg (North East senior)
  • Defensive back: Ryan Jacobs (Patterson Mill senior)
  • Defensive back: Brian Matthews (Perryville senior)
  • Defensive back: Tyrelle Hollingsworth (senior) 

2nd Team Offense

  • Quarterback: Javon Taylor (Elkton senior)
  • Running back: Izaiah Snead (Edgewood sophomore)
  • Running back: Andrew Smith (North East senior)
  • Tight end: Austin Gregg (North East senior)
  • Tackle: Josh Elseroad (Edgewood senior)
  • Guard: Wyatt Williams (Edgewood senior)
  • Center: Daryl Johnson (Perryville senior)
  • Guard: Taylor MacCauley (North East senior)
  • Tackle: Kurt Thoresson (Elkton junior)
  • Wide receiver: Tyrell Hollingsworth (Perryville sophomore)
  • Wide receiver: Brian Matthews (Perryville senior)
  • Wide receiver: Ethan Griffin (Perryville junior)
  • Kicker: Josh Bargstein (Perryville senior)
  • Punter: Josh Bargstein (Perryville senior)
  • Athlete: Noel Spencer (Edgewood senior) 

2nd Team Defense

  • Defensive lineman: Brian Taylor (Edgewood senior)
  • Defensive lineman: Tyere Garner (North East senior)
  • Defensive lineman: David Doring (Perryville senior)
  • Defensive lineman: Robert Turnbull: Bo Manor (sophomore)
  • Linebacker: Zack Richardson (Elkton senior)
  • Linebacker: Koran Harris (Harford Tech senior)
  • Linebacker: Griffin Marge (Patterson Mill senior)
  • Linebacker: Godfrey Durham (North East senior)
  • Linebacker: Justin Owens (North East senior)
  • Defensive back: L.J. Ray (Elkton senior)
  • Defensive back: Zack Dorn (Patterson Mill senior)
  • Defensive back: Isaac Robinson (Elkton senior)

Honorable Mention Offense

  • Quarterback: Elijah Johnson (Perryville sophomore)
  • Running back: Devin Fisher (Patterson Mill junior)
  • Running back: Malik Hathaway (Bo Manor sophomore)
  • Tight end: Trent Neary (Perryville senior)
  • Tackle: Josh Eastridge (North East sophomore)
  • Guard: Tyler Rzucidlo (Elkton senior)
  • Center: Kieron Dunn (Bo Manor senior)
  • Guard: Jake Carlino (Harford Tech junior)
  • Tackle: Robert Turnbull (Bo Manor sophomore)
  • Wide receiver: Dennis Pink (Harford Tech senior)
  • Wide receiver: Mike Reed (Patterson Mill senior)
  • Wide receiver: Isaiah Gills (Harford Tech senior)
  • Kicker: AJ Brocato (Patterson Mill junior)
  • Punter: Tommy Stover (Rising Sun senior)
  • Athlete: Raymond King (Edgewood senior)

Honorable Mention Defense

  • Defensive lineman: Niles Scott (Elkton senior)
  • Defensive lineman: Patrick Dada (Patterson Mill senior)
  • Defensive lineman: Basel Naanaa (Edgewood senior)
  • Linebacker: Langston Guinn (Edgewood junior)
  • Linebacker: Brandon Whitehead (Elkton senior)
  • Linebacker: Sam Miller (Harford Tech junior)
  • Linebacker: Trey Hall (Patterson Mill sophomore)
  • Linebacker: David Jackson (Bo Manor sophomore)
  • Defensive back: Rico Pena (Edgewood senior)
  • Defensive back: TJ Palmer (Harford Tech senior)
  • Defensive back: Colton Countryman (Bo Manor senior)
Milt Roberts December 07, 2012 at 01:45 PM
Did Fallston leave the UCBAC- No Mark Badger??? someone please explain that...
Milt Roberts December 07, 2012 at 01:49 PM
sorry- didnt realize it was just susquehanna. my mistake


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