Wheeler Elected President, Grambo Vice President for Board

The Harford County Board of Education held its first nine-member meeting in history Monday.

Leonard Wheeler and Rick Grambo have been elected as president and vice president, respectively, of the Harford County Board of Education.

Wheeler, who has been serving as the board’s vice president, replaces Mark Wolkow, whose last meeting was in June.

Wheeler was appointed to the board in 2008. Grambo, who was elected in 2010, had been serving in an appointed position. He was sworn in for a second time this afternoon to begin his elected term.

Grambo nominated Wheeler before he was approved for the position by a 9–0 vote. No other members of the board were nominated.

"Dr. Wheeler clearly possesses the tools and wisdom to lead this board," Grambo said during the nomination.

“I’m quite excited about the role I’m about to play,” Wheeler said later in the meeting.

Alysson Krchnavy nominated Grambo before he was approved for the position by a 9–0 vote.

"This community has brought forward an elected board as well as an appointed board and our leadership should reflect that," Krchnavy said.

Wheeler and Grambo were both given a standing ovation by the audience and fellow board members.

"I'm humbled and honored that my colleagues on the board have chosen me for a leadership role," Grambo said after his selection.


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