VIDEO: I Survived the Zombie Run

Watch a first-person video of Patch editor Nick DiMarco running the annual Run For Your Lives 5k/obstacle in Darlington, MD.

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I learned a few things about myself last weekend.

First of all, I am the last person you want by your side in the event of an actual zombie apocalypse. I will leave you high and dry to be some undead walker's entrée.

The second thing I learned about myself is that I have no trouble jumping into freezing water, crawling under barbed wire or electrified cables, or wading through mud—given the right motivation.

Of course I'm talking about the now annual Run For Your Lives zombie-inspired 5K/obstacle course that infected Darlington, MD last weekend. The two-day event was cut short in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy, but not before I—along with my two fearless companions—took a crack at surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Granted, I wouldn't be going outside and running across open farmland like the picturesque Camp Ramblewood, should the dead begin to walk the earth.

But it's all in good fun.

I was the only member of my rag tag team to survive, which meant I crossed the finish line (er, crawled across) with one of three orange "health" flags still affixed to my belt.

We encountered 250 "zombies" on a 3.1-mile run through mud bogs and open fields, over high walls and under barbed wire. Some of them behaved in the classic George A. Romero "Night of the Living Dead" stumbling style, where others adopted more of the 28 Days Later berserker/sprinter. We had Cockeysville native Kevin Chilcoat to thank for that.

To be honest, I broke out spin moves I hadn't used since playing flag football in college. I also took a page out of Mr. Miyagi's notebook, "waxing on" and "waxing off" encroaching snatchers.

Watch the video for yourself to see my tale of survival.

Warning: It was shot using a rugged Contour camera attached to the side of my head. The end result looks like Dawn of the Dead meets The Blair Witch Project.


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