Fallston High Class of 2012 Embraces the Future

About 271 Fallston Cougars received their high school diplomas Thursday evening in Bel Air.

graduated the Class of 2012 Thursday night with approximately 271 seniors crossing the stage at .

You could feel the excitement as the seniors awaited their entrance into the gymnasium where they would share one last memory as a class.

Seniors Rachel Coonan, Abby McSorley, and Corinne Croucher, all friends since middle school, shared how they would miss waking up and seeing their friends and family every morning.

"I'm going to miss the comfort and security of high school; like always knowing I could fall back on my friends, my family and my teachers," shared Croucher.

While some students were discussing what they would miss most about high school, seniors Carolyn Ambrosich and Timothy Bail were passing on advice to Fallston High's Class of 2013. Ambrosich recommended to enjoy the time because it goes by fast. She emphasized getting to know the classmates around you and accepting each other, while Bail took a different approach, sharing the importance of working till the very end.

"Do not let senioritus hit you. Work your butt of until the end," said Bail. 

Seniors Eva Benvenga, Kristina Dziki, Jacob Ryan, and Samantha Hubner addressed the senior class during the ceremony. Their messages ranged from sharing past memories of their last 12 years together to pushing through the fears that they have faced and may face as they transition into a new chapter in their lives.

"Nothing good comes easily and those butterflies means you are living life to your fullest," Kristina Dziki said.

Congratulations to the class of 2012!

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