BLOG: Are Joppa Transfer Station Signs Good or Bad?

What do you think about the yard signs reading "No Transfer Satation"?

If you have driven down Old Joppa Road in Kingsville/Joppa, chances are you have seen the signs, "No Transfer Station." If you are not from Harford County, or haven't read/watched the news, you may not know what this means. Is it a transfer station for inmates? Is it a hub for UPS or Fedex to transfer packages from one tractor trailer to another? Well, it's neither of these things. What the county has proposed is a solid waste disposal facility.This facility will serve as a drop off point for residents to get rid of unwanted trash, large objects and recycle-able materials. All materials will be collected and transported out within the day they were dropped off. No "trash" will sit at the facility over night. Looking at the plan summary linked above, it seems like this facility will be virtually unseen from Rt. 7 and will be close enough to major roads to limit its impact on residential properties.  

While I understand that home owners may think that it will drive down property values in Joppa, I wish to bring up another opinion. If you purchased a home on Rt.7 or within earshot of a major road, your property has already factored in the "decrease" in value due to the noise pollution. You probably purchased the home at some discount because of your proximity to a major highway or busy intersection. In addition to saving the county money with short distances for their trucks hauling refuse, I am sure there will be additional jobs created from the construction and staffing of this facility.  

One last point I want to make. How does it look to residents or potential buyers to see all the signs rejecting a "Transfer Station?" Without further investigation, one could draw numerous conclusions from the signs. I recently showed properties to a client of mine in the Parkville/Towson area and there were signs "protesting" a home builder. The signs said nothing more than "Say No to XYZ Builders." My client asked if the neighborhood was undergoing a drastic change and if it was wise to potentially purchase a home where the residents were disgruntled over an issue. Would there be a mass exodus and would property value drop quickly? I explained the situation to my client, because I was privy to the circumstances, but someone else may have just turned their car around and looked elsewhere.

My point is, sometimes what seems like a sign of strength and solidarity, can have unintended results.   

I welcome your opinions here or on my Facebook page .

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CB9678 June 04, 2012 at 01:18 PM
probably looks the same as the stop the swap signs all the Fallston resident's put up. Far better than the political signs we will start to see soon. Also when the homeowners on route 7 bought the house it was zoned for a buisness and for many of them was a golf course. Have you driven this section of route 7 and seen where the trash trucks both dropping off and picking up will go. Think of one turning left and the traffic it will create as you take you dog to the grommers on the corner. Add to that the property was aquired by the county before the plan was advertised and the county overpaid for it!
talkback June 05, 2012 at 01:47 PM
I Have first hand knowledge and experience of purchasing a home in a RR district that shares a property line with a B3 district. I did my "due diligence" prior to purchasing my home. Lived here for over 22 years, joyfully and peacefully. A favorite family of the Harford County Govn politicians, officials and their employees took over the B3 that adjoins my property and tore my life upside down. Destroyed my paradise. Despite the over 300 pages of "rules" clearly outlining what could and could not be done here Harford County Zoning gave them a free pass to do whatever they want. Although other businesses would have had to go thru DAC and followed much more restrictive development they did not. Calls from myself and neighbors to Harford County Zoning and our public officials went unanswered. They completely ignored our concerns and plead for help. Now, the damage is done. In hindsight instead of appealing to the "powers" of Harford County my neighbors and I should have rally the troops (the entire community) with signs, emails, protests as soon as we heard who was coming in. Although we knew this business share a good relationship with the "powers of Harford" we had no ideal how far and wide their influence was. Good old boys and their club prevailed Rules were broken. If we had rally the masses before the destruction started perhaps the knowledge of so many watchful eyes and loud mouths from our community would have resulted in a less injurious result to us.
Philip Einhorn June 05, 2012 at 03:02 PM
The signs are an example of free speech. The people have a right to let the politicians know how they feel.
SNAKE DR. June 07, 2012 at 12:37 AM
Rt.7 is all ready the main route to the land fill. I don't see the big deal. Where can I find more info. On this. I would like to know who can dump and what can be dumped.
Tim Montoya June 07, 2012 at 05:46 PM
Follow the link in the story to the county's proposal. This will be a center open to county residents as well.
Ed Baranowski July 18, 2012 at 09:08 PM
I am an employee of the Maryland Environmental Service. Our company is headed by Mr. Jim Harkins (former County Exec.) is a quasi state agency. I can confirm that any transfer station must be regulated by the MDE to follow safe environmental practice to the earth and its residence. MES is a very professional solid waste/water treatment facility. No trash is left on site at the transfer station for that given day. MES has the Balto. County contract to operate the Cockeysville (Texas Lanfil - BCRRF), and the Western Acceptance Facility in Lansdowne. As a Joppatowne resident since 1978, the homes on the Balto. County side Route 40 Corridor) cannot use the Eastern Landfill even though we are 4 miles from that facility. Balto. County residents' taxes pay for their FREE solid waste drop off at three transfer stations. Harford County residents on the Rt. 40 corridor DO NOT have such privileges. We either pay a private hauler or travel to the Fawn Grove, PA line (Scarborough Road) to get rid of our wastes at $6.00 a vehicle! We NEED a Transfer Station on THIS side of the County! Eddie B.
Jack Moeller September 03, 2012 at 12:57 AM
I also am a Joppatowne resident, have been since 1978; if I have yard waste, I simply place the trash bags full of that waste in the back of my RAV4 and haul it to the Bel Air site ( free ). Yes, it is a pain as it is open to the public only on Saturday, but that is not insurmountable; if this is such a big deal, why not simply open the Eastern Landfill to Harford County residents as well as Baltimore County people.
jim shomo October 15, 2012 at 12:59 AM
Is there a big problem with just expanding the Waste To Energy Facility on Magnola Road to accommodate this service?? They are already annoying the residences there with the noise and smell at that location.
Ahmad0001 December 18, 2012 at 06:23 AM
Think of one turning left and the traffic it will create as you take you dog to the grommers on the corner. Add to that the property was aquired by the county before the plan was advertised and the county overpaid for it! http://www.onlinedatastoragesite.com/softwares/utilizing-online-data-storage.html


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