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Lived in Harco just about all my life now live within the town limits. As a teenager I always imagined moving far far away as it was boring and there was nothing to do. Well, here I am now in my 30s now and still here (went away for college and travel frequently, so I realize there is life beyond harford county).
The area has certainly changed over the past 3 decades, to me I would say for the better. I don't like being in the middle of nowhere, nor smack in the middle of a crowded city so Bel Air is a good middle ground and quite walkable. Baltimore is a stone's throw away, DC, Philly, NYC, OC all within a few hours but I have practically everything I need right here. Weather is decent, just a bit too hot and humid in the summer and the winters are a bit long. Otherwise, there's no place like home!
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