Molly Lauryssens
Molly Lauryssens is a Harford County resident for 16 years and counting.  
She has a passion for all things purple and orange (GO RAVENS, GO ORIOLES).  Growing up in Niagara Falls, New York as the youngest of six, she's been a sports enthusiast her entire life.  Her football team growing up—the Buffalo Bills—tortured her four years in a row. However, as a Ravens season ticket holder from day one, the Bills have taken a backseat, yet they still torture her.  It's a good thing they aren't in the same division as Baltimore! Molly started writing for the local newspaper as a sports reporter in 2006. Since then she has branched out into freelance work. She's been published in local and national publications both online and in print. Her interests include all things local, sports philanthropy, reading, writing, kayaking and paintball.
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