New Look for Historic Bel Air Landmark

Mary Streett has seen the progression of fountains downtown.

When Mary Streett speaks, the listens.

So when the longtime resident raised a concern about the deteriorating downtown fountain, it was addressed.

“Well, somebody had to notice it before it fell down,” said Streett, owner of

Town Administrator acknowledged her persistence.

“To be honest, it was Mrs. Streett who told us to fix [the fountain],” he said.

Streett called Director of Randy Robertson when she noticed the Main Street fixture wearing down. It sits in front of the , less than a block from her shop.

“I’m old enough, I’ve been here long enough that I can start at the top,” she said. “I called Randy Robertson and I asked him to give it his attention, and he gave it his immediate attention.”

Just days after the fountain was sanded and given two coats of rust-proof, black wrought iron paint, Streett made a short walk up the street.

“Oh, it does look nice, doesn’t it?” she said upon seeing the remodeled version for the first time. “They still have to do the fiberglass in the bottom.”

Robertson said he expects to have water in the fountain again soon.

The fountain was placed in front of the courthouse in 1978 during a downtown streetscape makeover. The fountain before was destroyed when a tree fell on it, and the oldest was used as a horse trough, Streett said.

“I think we should put a plaque on it so [future] generations won’t be tampering with history,” Streett said. “I like history to be accurate.”

There’s always something to fix, she added: “There’s just so many things the powers that be can pay attention to.”

Thanks to her, they do.

Todd Holden May 18, 2011 at 01:26 PM
the fountain rules...at all times.
Tad J. Thaddeus Klopcic May 18, 2011 at 01:34 PM
Soap time!


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