Juicy Opening for Fallston Walmart

The Youth's Benefit Elementary School fifth grade chorus sang the National Anthem at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

Matt Chandler usually goes to the Cockeysville Walmart for his morning drink—a Bolthouse Farms Strawberry Banana juice—on his way to work at Aon Hewitt Associates in Hunt Valley.

Wednesday, however, he stopped by the grand opening at the superstore’s Fallston location to see his niece perform “The Star-Spangled Banner.” She is in the Youth’s Benefit Elementary School fifth-grade .

What Chandler did not expect, though, was to be the first customer in the store’s history. The 32-year-old married father from Joppa stepped up to the cash register—fittingly, No. 1—and paid $3.18 for the drink.

“It’s cool. I didn’t think I would be the first one,” he said. “It’s a huge store.”

Taking his money was 55-year-old Baltimore County resident, Dorothea Sieracki. She is one of 459 employees at Harford County’s newest business. Sieracki was honored to serve the first customer.

“I thought it was neat,” she said. “I was excited.”

feels connected to the community already.

“Everybody’s happy. I’m excited the store’s open,” Davis said. “We’re just glad to be in the community.”

Davis cut the ribbon just before 8 a.m. before yelling, “Let’s go shop!”

Moments later, Chandler pocketed his change and receipt and took a sip of his juice.

“It’s excellent,” he said with a smile. “It tastes better than at the other Walmart.”


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