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Traffic Alert: Crash Near Festival of Bel Air

Meet the Candidate: Edward Hopkins

Get to know candidates for the 2011 Bel Air election.

Name: Edward Hopkins

Residence: North Kelly Avenue 

Political Party: Republican

Hometown: Bel Air

Commissioner History: Seeking reelection for second full term.

Get to know Terence Hanley on Friday.

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Sheila DeMartino October 28, 2011 at 03:33 AM
What is you plan for the traffic problem in Bel air?
Edward Hopkins October 29, 2011 at 01:03 AM
There is no short term solution. What I will continue to work on is a longer term solution focused on Rt.1 /Rt. 24. Although the intersection is within Town limits it joins two state roadways .This intersection was designed in the 70’s & prevailing wisdom at the time was an at- grade intersection which they felt was more appropriate for Bel Air than an overpass.We spoke to SHA on numerous occasions. We commissioned & paid for an SHA required study. We partnered with the County Executive. He decides which roads in the county receive priority. We were successful & our request to fix this intersection is now part of the Consolidated Transportation Plan.There is no timeline associated with the engineering & design of this project. Each year we meet with Harford’s legislative delegation and solicit their support of this project. To fix this intersection we need a flyover style bridge to let traffic flow freely in all directions. We are chipping away at this one piece at time & has taken us several years to get to this point. We have been somewhat successful. We have looked at other options to include a suggestion of widening Rt.152 to reduce traffic on Rt. 24 & cutting MacPhail Road thru from Rt. 924 to Rt. 24 by the MVA. That suggestion places a high volume road next to Wakefield and Homestead Elementary schools which we know already has clear opposition. I hope I have answered your question or at the very least provided you the background on this issue and our progress.


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