Mayor Supports 2 Incumbents, Mum on Final Vote

David Carey declined to say who he will use all three of his votes on.

David Carey wants at least four of the same faces on the Board of Commissioners for the next two years.

Bel Air’s Democratic mayor told Patch this week he supports two of the three incumbents for .

“I don’t know if endorse is the right word, but I support the reelection of and ,” Carey said of the two Republicans. “Having worked with both of them for at least four years, they’re fiscally conservative … they’re strong, independent-thinking commissioners.”

Terence Hanley is the third incumbent up for reelection with and at the two challengers. All are Republicans.

Carey and  are only halfway through their four-year terms.  he supports Reier, Hopkins and Adolph. The town election is non-partisan.

The mayor declined to disclose who his third vote would go to.

“That’s between me and my ballot,” Carey said with a laugh.


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